31 Minecraft Things That Don't Make Any Sense
31 Minecraft Things That Don't Make Any Sense! Minecraft has a lot of quirks, and while most of them add to the charm, there are some minecraft things that don't work as expected. Whether that's a stonecutter not dealing damage, fire not drying wet sponges, etc, we're talking about it today. So, let's look at 31 minecraft things that don't work as they should and see how they could be changed in a new minecraft update. It's minecraft logic that makes no sense in this Skip the Tutorial list video!
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  • Organic Bananas
    Organic Bananas

    It’s called a stonecutter not a playercutter 4 iq poeer

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    краси ми викат

    I learned more from this video than i learned from school for 5 years

  • Ka’mikoe

    Bedrock players can redye dyed blocks :)

  • The Cool Axolotl Logan
    The Cool Axolotl Logan

    You cant compost poisonous potatoes either

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    Thank you

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    I love how you used Animal Crossing music in the video.

  • Mihir Chakravadhanula
    Mihir Chakravadhanula

    One time I killed a sulker and it dropped 3 shells

  • Samuel Cantrell
    Samuel Cantrell

    the redyeing thing actually works for wool on bedrock but i dont know about glass

  • FiniteStar

    In bedrock edition (My main edition), all people in the world get the "Free the end" achievement.

  • Rexer

    No but it takes longer to eat normal food than stew

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    Larkon’s Legos


  • rantaro avocado
    rantaro avocado

    You can also re-dye dyed blocks in bedrock edition and education edition

  • Ahlaya Coombs
    Ahlaya Coombs

    0:30 hes in creative

  • ElectroX7

    Wait... Pushing other blocks? I got bedrock! Let’s do this for my hou- Minecraft: You don’t have a house. Sadly.

  • Roger Xie
    Roger Xie

    Another thing that dont make sense: lodestones have netherite in it, but still burns in fire and/or lava another thing that dont make sense: netherite dont burn in fire and/or lava, but it gets destroyed by cactus

  • minebirds LJubb
    minebirds LJubb

    Id like to have TNT Arrows

  • NikhilKher

    i play bedrock not java

  • Tyler Wu
    Tyler Wu

    0:50 How did he do that?

  • Supremecrazy

    Number 26 is being fixed with sleeping percentages

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    Cruz O'Neill

    Me: *Sees Person In Snow* Skip the Tutorial: "This is a Face Reveal"

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    DreamSMP POVs

    3:46 face reveal pog


    Java is a failure compared to bedrock

  • Rudraraj Bhatawdekar S-2202
    Rudraraj Bhatawdekar S-2202

    Even when you make a quarts block it wont be again converted to quarts

  • Kappo Guy
    Kappo Guy

    Just use droppers

  • Killing Rockstar
    Killing Rockstar

    Like shuckers blaze also have 12 rods but we barely get 1

  • mari morango ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    mari morango ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    *stone pickaxe made out of normal stone* *Doesn't work?* Me: yes, it doesn't work because it can be made only with Cobblestone or Blackstone •_•

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    Someone Playz


  • Dj Frame345
    Dj Frame345

    1:30 why would you want to smelt that????

  • Eric Lin
    Eric Lin

    Wouldn't the hay bale fall dmg reduction more likely be a reference to assassin's creed?

  • Redline works
    Redline works

    I love him because he's so funny

  • Uncle

    Torches don’t deal damage or start fires


    there should be a 10% chance that you can craft a cobblestone picaxe

  • Isaac the Clickbaitor
    Isaac the Clickbaitor

    I love how you can do a lot of these things on bedrock

  • Along Lkr
    Along Lkr

    Villager humming doesn't make any sense

  • Theo Norrman
    Theo Norrman

    “No, no luck”

  • ralis groffen
    ralis groffen

    9:30 a bit water desapears?

  • Scythe clan
    Scythe clan

    Looting for shulkers

  • Syed Hasnain
    Syed Hasnain

    0:29 he roast subs world

  • Toma Gabriel
    Toma Gabriel

    Actually I think the fleching table will have a use in 1.18-1.19

    • Toma Gabriel
      Toma Gabriel

      Imagine, 1.20

  • LightSniper

    In bedrock we can redye wool

  • Toma Gabriel
    Toma Gabriel

    Skip's gf face reveal

  • Bee Kayshein
    Bee Kayshein

    Hey u can dry instantly in desert biome

  • Kuoran (Kevin) ZHANG
    Kuoran (Kevin) ZHANG

    I have a theory of magma block: it only takes damage when something do pressure on it(because only the inside are hot), and woods are anti-gravitational so that don't work

  • Andrei Charles Londonio
    Andrei Charles Londonio

    I tought he's character is still dying but when i look twice its actually his character color🤣🤣🤣

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    Anyone here from tiktok?

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    chest and piston is good duplication machine long time ago

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    dante perrin

    Shulkers trow only one Shell because You broke the other killing him

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    Thx from Russia

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    Neh, guess it's Minecraft cryfics.

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    Krishna Dutta

    diorite diorite diorite diorite diorite diarrhea diorite diorite

  • PeterMan SpiderParker
    PeterMan SpiderParker

    I’m pretty sure that you can take the colour out of wool with a cauldron

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    Hikari Nakapanant


  • Rosalyn Eusena
    Rosalyn Eusena

    What about bed

  • epic gamer64
    epic gamer64

    4:17 did you say shnow

  • Blazing Gamer127
    Blazing Gamer127

    Netherite armor can stand explosions, lava and fire and wont disappear. but the cactus? the cactuse acts as a void. and cactuses deal less damage than lava and fire.

  • Minecrafter 123
    Minecrafter 123

    Another thing, Why can you smelt ancient debris but it cant burn in lava?

  • stick animations
    stick animations

    Whats a "patrick" and who's he's best friend?

  • Matěj Říha
    Matěj Říha

    pushing chest and other stuff like that would be absolutely game changing and game breaking

  • PonyWRC

    In the video you said there was a bunch of different stones except diorite. But It’s the white one

  • therockdolphin

    Does loyalty not only come back after it hits something?

  • 3C07劉昊瑋 LAU HO WAI
    3C07劉昊瑋 LAU HO WAI

    dispenser can place Water

  • Darr?

    You can't push chests in java? Java's redstone are better than bedrock. :-:



  • Jacob Molzan
    Jacob Molzan

    fletching tables should be used to make special arrows with different material tips.

  • Noah Noah
    Noah Noah

    i kinda like that you cant craft chainmail. it makes it more of a collectable


    I always try the sponge fire thing but it doesntttt work!

  • -GachaWolfieBrie -
    -GachaWolfieBrie -

    1:45 can confirm, very true

  • Dani Rahman
    Dani Rahman

    When u can turn netherwart blocks back to nether wart Crimson Forest be like:

  • Alex Chen
    Alex Chen

    These are actually great suggestions that Mojang should seriously listen to.

  • ItzJustSamuel

    27. Makes sense because of mushroom cows

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    really this isnt a rickroll its not a rickrool can you pass the chicken k I was still not joking REALLY THIS IS NOT A RICKROLL oh did you think I was Joking lol I wasnt LOL LOOK AT EVERY SINGE FIRST LEETTER IN EACH SENTENCE INCLUDING THIS ONE

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King

    Well, I mean, in real life if you threw something that hard then a cobweb (or spider web) would break. Also, falling on wool or other thing that sound soft from so high would hurt you. That does make me think, why does a heybale make fall damage lower? A dragon slamming into a chest would break it. Yes its made of obsidian, but the obsidian pillars are thick, unlike the ender chest, and go through the ground completely. Dont think even the ender dragon could break the pillars- I am looking to into this. But just saying.

  • Ethan Borba-Javier
    Ethan Borba-Javier

    Weird in bedrock you can dye any thing of wool and get the dyed variant

  • The Fire Mouse
    The Fire Mouse

    I'm going to say this to everyone who thinks that composters are useless: WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH ALL THOSE SEEDS!?!?!??!?!??!!?!?!?!??! Hint: compost them dummy.

  • christopher Sidamon
    christopher Sidamon

    prove 0:34 you are creative mode so you dont take damage 3:00 furnace in minecart is forgotten allrady

  • Alan Wagner
    Alan Wagner

    I subbed already

  • stinki guy
    stinki guy

    The thing with chain armor is that u would just have it for looks bc u can use the iron that u used to craft the chains to craft a full set or iron armour and still have like 4 ingots left over from the nuggets in the chain

  • The LameGamer1
    The LameGamer1

    I would just like to point out that using chains to craft chain armor is actually slightly more expensive than making regular iron armor, which would be a pretty big ripoff considering iron is better anyways

  • RiplyXPlays

    I got another one if you put netherite in lava right? it wouldn't burn but if u explode it it wont expolode BUT if you put netherite in cactus it will disappear... Logic.

  • Drino zhao
    Drino zhao

    The lively popcorn intracellularly greet because screen gradually bare concerning a tested crop. steep, tough lathe

  • Smalldick Johnny
    Smalldick Johnny

    You forgot the emerald armor

  • August And Mijael gaming channel
    August And Mijael gaming channel


  • Keneth Barrios
    Keneth Barrios

    10:00 it is simple to explain this for 1 thing the fortresses would be useless and the joke of going to a fortress and getting the wart would end because the red forest is anywhere and with a tree you would already have a stack of these

  • MusicDerby 21
    MusicDerby 21

    3:02 Lucky. Us Bedrock players don't have a furnace in a minecart

  • Elias Luevano
    Elias Luevano



    0:31, your in creative.

  • Not-underscore

    9:53 actually in the education edition there is bleach that does exactly that

  • PikachuFan34

    I'm really happy that melons don't burn in minecraft so then I can make an afk Fish farm out of them

  • Emily Nitido
    Emily Nitido

    Me who has bedrock 😎

  • Taylor Bozarth
    Taylor Bozarth

    10:30 There isn't two shulker boxs its one shulker box splitting

  • I’m not Dog water
    I’m not Dog water

    Bro diorite is wayyy better than granite or andesite

  • Jennifer Gaynor
    Jennifer Gaynor

    I’m tourble at redstone


    Moblie players:

  • Donna Stevenson
    Donna Stevenson

    The one where you can't redye wool after it's dyed, use BLEACH from education, yes BLEACH

  • zombieking gaming
    zombieking gaming

    In confused on the caldron full of water I’ve seen people save themselves using it before