25 Very Satisfying Among Us Moments!
25 Very Satisfying Among Us Moments! These 25 oddly satisfying among us moments will make you comfortable. Although Among Us is a game designed to keep you on edge, there are still plenty of things that are satisfying to do or see. So today, we're looking at the most satisfying moments in among us that make your 200 IQ brain feel at ease. Let's look at the most comfortable and enjoyable things to do in Among Us in this Skip the Tutorial episode.
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Co-researched and filmed by Jonah Walters
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  • Skip the Tutorial
    Skip the Tutorial

    Subscribe, or hackers in your lobby

    • Blox World
      Blox World

      Please not eris

    • Hamdard Tanha
      Hamdard Tanha

      I see Sire Sirol

    • Hamdard Tanha
      Hamdard Tanha

      I see Sire Sirol

    • Cat King
      Cat King

      so thats why i havent found anymore hackers. accept for one.

    • Aya yaya ya
      Aya yaya ya

      Not Eris!

  • Aman Kolli
    Aman Kolli

    Card is easy u can move it back and fourth super fast and it works

  • Ahmed Sayed
    Ahmed Sayed

    everyone: card swipe is so hard, me who dose it first they every time: card swipe not hard you just suck at doing it

  • DC RG // Green Sheep
    DC RG // Green Sheep

    Everybody: Admin sucks Mobile player: why

  • Laxmi Pathak
    Laxmi Pathak

    Start Reactor is hard no matter what device we are using

  • Michael Curran
    Michael Curran

    Really? I swipe cards first time every day!

  • Gavin TW
    Gavin TW

    Swipe card is not hard you're just bad at it

  • Bacon_lover154

    I miss the old days of among us before this new update

  • Christy Howell
    Christy Howell

    I, somehow, almost never die in electrical and I also always get da swipe first try (sometimes)

  • kingcobra 2013
    kingcobra 2013

    One satisfying thing in among us well 2 first one is subbing to this channel and 2nd one is beating novisor

  • alg1010

    1:34 I have perfect enlightenment then

  • Tef Morada
    Tef Morada

    card swipe is not that rare to done fast i swipe cards like its nothing

  • Jake.m Teck
    Jake.m Teck

    heres. a myth : in mira hq the balcony vent is much smaller then the others

  • Yaoxuan Yang
    Yaoxuan Yang

    How to card swipe Be half slow half quick

  • jess jessica
    jess jessica

    It's satisfied when I never die in electrical

  • Chanelle Rankin
    Chanelle Rankin

    Card swipe on mobile is uncommon

  • Tessa corbic
    Tessa corbic


  • flame_ snugXD
    flame_ snugXD

    Card swipe is EZ

  • CrazyCat Lady
    CrazyCat Lady

    The card swipe is sooooo easy

  • KB Gaming
    KB Gaming

    Card swipe, it's so EASY!

  • Jacek Zadęcki
    Jacek Zadęcki

    Card swipe is easy at least fore me

  • PiggyMaster

    hey i always get card swipe 1st try

  • Romeo Hill
    Romeo Hill

    I’ve seen a double rainbow

  • owww

    when u have 4 tasks in electrical and came out alive: I did it

  • Suitcase Stefan
    Suitcase Stefan

    I always do card swip 1st try

  • Rayne Suchostawski
    Rayne Suchostawski

    im good at card swip i do it all the time i do not get how hard it is

  • Alfian Ezza Raditya
    Alfian Ezza Raditya

    me hide body in mobile : crewmate REPORT! other people hide body iin pc : where where

  • Glitchy Gaming0
    Glitchy Gaming0

    "That once in a blue moon when you get the card right in one swipe" Me who usually gets it in one swipe when I got the speed down and it's more of messing up every once in a blue moon instead

  • Nelson Liam Salva
    Nelson Liam Salva

    1:24 bro i did that like 10 times without getting angry I did that >:(

  • amanda goodman
    amanda goodman

    I get the admin swipe first try every time it's easy lol

  • Gianna Savignano
    Gianna Savignano

    I am the best imposter

  • Gianna Savignano
    Gianna Savignano

    I do my task and I win

  • Alipsesiserandis Sorchitsimp
    Alipsesiserandis Sorchitsimp

    How about one of the ways that’s satisfying, is pulling of a double kill or triple kill, and then nobody notices, and then the crewmates point fingers at each other... XD

  • Kieran

    8:14 me seeing my name on the list: OOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG me seeing Dylan next to my name: ok this is kinda creepy it would be a lot creepy if Dillon was next to my name wow, the next satisfying thing is seeing your name in a video of satisfying things LOL! ps my name is on the right side 5 rows down

  • Katie Dotson
    Katie Dotson

    I have seen a double rainbow before.

  • Angie Castillo
    Angie Castillo

    And not haveing

  • Tanal TAKLA
    Tanal TAKLA

    Bruh not to brag but I do card swipe first try nearly every tim ;)

  • Axel And jacob Gaming
    Axel And jacob Gaming

    hey fun fact i think: I always do card swipe first try to finnish it even at my first time playing among us

  • Nicole Kline
    Nicole Kline

    I always get card swipe right (Well most of the time)

  • Ethan Ketterman
    Ethan Ketterman

    Everyone else has a problem with admin swipe?

  • Dmitri Axel
    Dmitri Axel

    01:27 me: oh? you -approaching- Challenging me? *Drum Roll* 1 try CARD SWIPE

  • Christian Younadim
    Christian Younadim

    Uhh, I always get card swipe right I don’t 😶

  • James OGara
    James OGara

    Card swipe is easy

  • Combat4Combat

    btw you go WAAAAAAAAY too fast when you do card swipe. Nice and slow is the way to go.

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    Skip The Tutorial: And it might even change the other imposter's resentment into straight up respect. Me: Dude that is literally the opposite of what happens, they just reveal who the other imposters are when they get voted off, that's how among us works.

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    On the names similar to Aiden chart, me and my classmate's names are the first two (going left to right)

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    Skip The Tutorial: That person that just saw you do a visual task is gonna be your new best friend for the rest of the game. Me: That has never happened to me. The person that sees me do it is always imposter.

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    ok this is the second video in a row with Super Mario 3D World music.

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    getting card swipe first try isnt satisfying because it happens every time.

  • Carly Swift
    Carly Swift

    Skip: Card swipe is the hardest task Start reactor: Allow me to introduce myself

  • Landen Trudeau
    Landen Trudeau


  • Landen Trudeau
    Landen Trudeau

    I'm you tuber

  • Hello world H
    Hello world H

    Card swipe will go on first time if you go fast then slow

  • Subha Kc
    Subha Kc

    i just go to electrical and it keeps work

  • AJtheHalfAngel

    If i see Admin it mostly brightens up my Bad Mood Cause its satifying if you can literally 1-Shot it :}

  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman

    I do card swipe first try😎😏

  • Sathyakunalan nagarajah
    Sathyakunalan nagarajah

    Once I saw a double rainbow

  • Dre PLay's
    Dre PLay's

    Lol 😂 swipe card is like soooo easy

  • John White
    John White

    I guess It good to survive your task in elec but what a about when you don’t have a task in elec

  • Afra

    everyone : The admin swipe card task is so hard ! me who always does it on the first try : *Its show time*

  • _MilkyXBear_


  • _MilkyXBear_

    My brother did it often

  • im a chaotic clown sprite sprote
    im a chaotic clown sprite sprote

    i once tried putting every wire on one its possible 😢

  • Chris Caygill
    Chris Caygill


  • Erinn Saige Matas
    Erinn Saige Matas

    Swipe card isn't hard

  • MiMi Smith
    MiMi Smith

    i mastered card swipe

  • Henry Johnson
    Henry Johnson

    I get card swipe first time almost everytime-

  • Garrett B
    Garrett B

    I just downloaded among us 2 days ago 2/21/2021 1:28 I get a perfect card swipe every time, I only missed it once

  • Uri2 K3NYER_
    Uri2 K3NYER_

    1:37 i can do cardswipe first try on pc no suffer :D

  • Rob McDill gaming McDill
    Rob McDill gaming McDill

    I did swipe card and I did do right left 4 Times

  • The American Coin Hunter
    The American Coin Hunter

    9:07 I got everyone lined up to say, "Mo White Apple Plant". These were random people.

  • s - soffi pwushu , ,
    s - soffi pwushu , ,

    Here’s a hack I found! For the card swipe task!!! If you swipe back and forth half way then you can do it super easily first try!!!

  • Grace Balao
    Grace Balao

    I did a perfect card swipe 👁👄👁👌🏼


    5:00 As long as they’re not an imposter trying to make you trust them

  • Z Blaze
    Z Blaze

    tip when you do card swipe slide the card 3× realy FAST!! try it it realy works!

  • Chandrakant Gajbhiye
    Chandrakant Gajbhiye

    Subscribe wasnt then its you

  • Jennifer Niki Powers
    Jennifer Niki Powers

    This made me fall asleep

  • xjphb

    the card swipe my fav cause it so easy man ur just goin too fast

  • Justine Gafford
    Justine Gafford

    I've never missed card swipe

  • The Pearl King
    The Pearl King

    i can win card swipe on first try

  • Iwona Pręciuk
    Iwona Pręciuk

    But a sadysfying thing is No one leaves even they not impostor

  • Iwona Pręciuk
    Iwona Pręciuk

    For me i do card swipe first try the whole time

  • Itz ya boi Lightz
    Itz ya boi Lightz

    1:53 I have got that twice in a day when I was playing among us

  • Penny Jacobs
    Penny Jacobs

    My dad is color blind

  • Zack Williams
    Zack Williams

    i have done card swipe first try at least 1000 times lol

  • Patrick Partin
    Patrick Partin

    Works for me

  • It’s Showtime!
    It’s Showtime!

    Card swipe is easy I get it done every first try 😑


    When ur good at card swipe even on mobile wait that's me:hey pc players how ya doing

  • Μελινα Κοτζαμπασάκη
    Μελινα Κοτζαμπασάκη

    I ALWAYS swipe the cart at my first try 😋😁

  • Shula Maybelle
    Shula Maybelle

    Good video. These things are ALWAYS satisfying.

  • Shula Maybelle
    Shula Maybelle

    My card swipe works every time. I was a secret way.

  • Eclipse the umbreon
    Eclipse the umbreon

    Other crewmates: Why can't I get card swipe after a thousand times?! Me: First try? Maybe not this time. Second try? Yeah I knew it

  • ジItzAngelSaulo

    1:30 Wdym? I always get it right -_- Why are most people complaining about this- It's not even that hard.

  • Jess Cheung
    Jess Cheung

    But every time I do card I get it done in the first time

  • Defensive Drama
    Defensive Drama

    I always do admin first try

  • Robert Loxley
    Robert Loxley

    it is him he killed

  • Robert Loxley
    Robert Loxley

    nintendo switch play on it has minecraft and among us

  • Sadie Tucker
    Sadie Tucker

    I always finish card swipe on the first of second try

  • deobrine

    I am soo lucky i got first card swipe done 11 in a row

  • Faith Rockwood
    Faith Rockwood

    Yassss also I def didn't fail on card swipe 36 time🤣😂😆😅😁😄😀🙂😐......😭 WHY🥺