Minecraft Skyblock, but Everything is Underwater
Minecraft Skyblock, but Everything is Underwater! This was insane. Jaymoji and Skip the Tutorial try to beat Minecraft Skyblock but everything is underwater. We redesigned the map so the overworld is flooded from build limit to the void. Also, we can only breath in water, so the Nether and the End are off limits to us. Can we beat this Minecraft, but challenge? Let's find out in this Minecraft 1.16 skyblock challenge map but minecraft is underwater.
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Edited by: twitter.com/PigToots and twitter.com/azrilich
Data pack by: twitter.com/Roark_Cats
Minecraft map that we modified: www.planetminecraft.com/project/skyblock-4/
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow his tracks at svsoft.info
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    • s1cnarf

      Oh no I can’t swim

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      I will be pleased if you yeet me

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      Bread kitty mewo!

      @Sethu Raam Prathap I WILL YEET YOU

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  • Adam Walker
    Adam Walker

    I could hardly watch this video because I have Thalassophobia witch means the fear of deep waters. But I watched it because you are my favorite SVsoftr all I had to do was try my best to ignore the deep waters

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    A C


  • Daniel Houck
    Daniel Houck

    What is wrong with the mod where you breathe through your feet? You should be breathing through your eyes!

  • Nominal Dingus
    Nominal Dingus

    Tasty Burger

  • Diamond Vortex
    Diamond Vortex

    Even thought I likely won't get a response, how do you actually fill the world with water? I know how to download the datapack, however unless the datapack has a command, how do I flood the world?

  • Hưng Cao Phan
    Hưng Cao Phan

    You should say Minecraft "sea block"

  • Promotion Gaming
    Promotion Gaming

    thay got converted into fishes xD 😂

  • Kyle Gillingham
    Kyle Gillingham

    He’s on creative 0:30

  • Kunj Singh
    Kunj Singh

    Alternate title:Mercraft in skyblock

  • Nicholas Wakefield
    Nicholas Wakefield

    Titanic reference

  • Game Master Adrian OMG
    Game Master Adrian OMG

    Minecraft water block:

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  • Charlie Reeves
    Charlie Reeves

    alternate title: Minecraft sky block, but we are fish

  • Abby Daurio
    Abby Daurio

    Skip, signs are going to be your BEST FRIENDS when trying to make air pockets.

  • man of god
    man of god

    i want to play, but my islands under water.

  • Pingalpha9591

    why not click the ship and kill people and it hepls a ton it a joke not a hate coment

  • Sean Messick
    Sean Messick

    The thing is, you CAN place water in the end, just not in the nether. So you don’t necessarily need the cauldron in the end.

    • Candy Neige
      Candy Neige

      You need it to keep the endermen at bay.

  • Ineed_Vbucksdude YT
    Ineed_Vbucksdude YT

    Do you mean, WaterBlock?

  • Skittly Doo
    Skittly Doo

    "I tried to scream but my head was underwater"

  • __ Alex __
    __ Alex __

    You should have tried water bottles

  • Hannah Loiacano
    Hannah Loiacano

    I find it hilarious that jay has both oxygen monitors and yet bully's skip for not having it

  • Imperial Spy
    Imperial Spy

    Welcome back to MINE-cal Phelps

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  • Doggos Dog2
    Doggos Dog2

    when i heard the intro i thought i was watching a loverfella video


    Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the area

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  • no

    S E A B L O C K

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    I’m sorry but I don’t want to sink the ss subscribe

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    tbnrmasonplayzroblox XD

    12:15 THIS GAME SUCKS lol

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    Skyblock, but fish.

  • jhian mao rana
    jhian mao rana

    alternative title: me and my friend playing sky block but its Atlantis

  • Buko Boy
    Buko Boy

    Its not skyblock .. its underwater block lol

  • Troll 1122
    Troll 1122

    How do I do this with command blocks? Specifically on PlayStation 4

  • Jay Caveiro
    Jay Caveiro

    "I'll drown" fish don't drown

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  • Boxy

    Not skyblock.. *Ocean block*



  • Dreamsy

    Alt title: Reverse drowning

    • Candy Neige
      Candy Neige

      Gninword ?

  • #T Aza
    #T Aza

    fastest speed run

  • The Emerald Slayer
    The Emerald Slayer

    Loved the shovel knight music

  • Decept_ion

    well, it's not skyblock now then is it?

  • Silas Bass
    Silas Bass

    love the zelda themes

  • Aria Fard
    Aria Fard

    Wadzee has already used this data pack!

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  • Castiel Kiv
    Castiel Kiv

    yes,reverse oxygen

    • Candy Neige
      Candy Neige

      Negyxo ?

  • Marc Andrei Rempillo
    Marc Andrei Rempillo

    I laughed my socks if this clip 6:53

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    Divith. S D

    It is not skyblock It is water block

  • shattered ice
    shattered ice

    was there a sign that said vanessa?

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    I just upside down subscribed to you :)

  • Zero hope Left for you
    Zero hope Left for you

    As someone with aqua phobia and thalasaphobia I hate this but also love it

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  • Jan Fritz Kyle Zarcilla
    Jan Fritz Kyle Zarcilla

    So its not sky block? Its water block?

  • MrsNibbles 2010
    MrsNibbles 2010



    I realize Skip uses sound effects from the legend of zelda

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    Roller Toaster


  • Camilla .47
    Camilla .47

    The lads that beat the endear dragon with a stone sword and not able to breath in air

  • Camilla .47
    Camilla .47

    It is water block then

  • Slug Eater
    Slug Eater

    999th comment

  • Nathan V
    Nathan V

    if the crystals beam is on the dragon and you break that crystal,I will deal damage


    alternative title : imma fish on skiblok


    Alternate title: "Skyblock but you can fly"

  • Yuri zachari Uno de joya
    Yuri zachari Uno de joya

    this is what will happen when huans keep on polluting the Antartic and the artic glaciers will melt and cover the whole earth with water soon humans will adapt and evovle

  • •Star•Playz•

    Wonder where ur gonna get the water for the cobble....

  • Andrew Santhasouk
    Andrew Santhasouk

    Alternative title: It's minecraft but we are fish

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    You know he makes up stuff like the subscribe stuff and yes he's running us to subscribe a lot

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    It's not sky block anymore it's water block

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    Stop it your gonna drown me how your a fish

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    alternative title:minecraft skyblock, but we are fish.

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    Dancin Doggo

    The ss subscribe huh, thats what they thought when the titanic was made, they thought it was "unsinkable" and here we are

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    are you a speed runner?

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    Evil Faris

    alternative title : skyblock but you literally cant fall

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    emmy em


  • Captain Noodlehead
    Captain Noodlehead

    They actually did... they beat Minecraft while submerged in water.

  • Rosie Wyatt
    Rosie Wyatt

    The nonchalant organ concretely thank because psychology findingsinitially talk upon a elegant dinner. wiggly, pleasant saturday

  • guitar kid
    guitar kid

    Hey they also said the titanic wouldn't sink

  • Nicholas Wakefield
    Nicholas Wakefield

    Mm iceberg strong ship sinks titanic reference

  • yutaka taro kusumah
    yutaka taro kusumah

    Minecraft Skyblock, but Everything is Under lava

  • Dilo King
    Dilo King

    Skyblock? More like Oceanblock

  • Mihika Roy
    Mihika Roy

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  • MeowPlays

    Call it Seablock

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    Video : *EXISTS* SVsoft : Let's recommend this 3 months later

  • Samrat Panta
    Samrat Panta

    I don’t even understand the nether and end part all the water and dropping and digging and drowning is confusing

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    Noah Bernstein

    skyblock more like seablock

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  • Wesley Mays
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    "Look at me, taking out these things like Michael Phelps" :D

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    vanessa ching

    Um...uh 7:37 or 7:36

  • Evan Luk
    Evan Luk

    so bacicly their playing mercraft as sky block

  • LittleMemo

    Water block :)

  • Lunar Sun
    Lunar Sun

    what is that texture pack that you are using?

  • Mika Zorić
    Mika Zorić

    12:07 "Stop, you're gonna drown, get in the water"

    • Candy Neige
      Candy Neige

      This sentence is totally ironic as if you go in the water, you'll unsurprisingly drown, so what it actually meant was "Stop, you're gonna drown, get out of the water".

    • Vi


  • Crystal Dragon
    Crystal Dragon

    your overworld base thing looks like an, old broken 1920's bunker, no offence

  • Squilly

    omg skip turns into a bird when he won the challenge

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    sea block!!!!!!

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    Soooo, ocean block

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    It's seablock

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    just shovels and knights

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    Minecraft sea block