29 Minecraft Things You (Might) Do Wrong Every Day
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29 Minecraft Things You (Might) Do Wrong Every Day! Minecraft let’s you do almost anything, which means sometimes you might be doing something inefficiently and not even know it. To fix that, let’s look over some everyday Minecraft things that you’re possibly doing wrong. From smelting with coal, to brewing potions, and building redstone machines - these are the common minecraft things and activities you could be doing wrong, and how to fix that. Let’s learn how to fix all these mistakes, big to small, in this Skip the Tutorial list!
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  • Marek Tobias Janik
    Marek Tobias Janik

    and 2:50 mining it with fortune 3 is actually better because you get more nuggets than there is needed to craft a gold ingot

  • Marek Tobias Janik
    Marek Tobias Janik

    1:40 or you can use their full durability (that is what i do)

  • Sakif Ahsan
    Sakif Ahsan

    7:25 i know

  • Sakif Ahsan
    Sakif Ahsan

    2:06 i know that

  • Sandy

    Why was he using a regular Furnace to smelt ores when there was a blast furnace right next to him .-.

  • Bartley Cherise
    Bartley Cherise

    The staking umbrella mechanically part because loaf socially harass alongside a common dream. friendly, lavish humor

  • Kaelen Dekan
    Kaelen Dekan

    If you have fortune 3 and craft all the nuggets into the ore you will get more.

  • CJ 2000
    CJ 2000

    I’ve always put torches on the walls


    I don’t even have mine craft but still I watch your vid 😂

  • Maia Kober
    Maia Kober

    Its better to mine nether gold with fortune 3 because i get over nine gold ingots from one ore so you have a extra ingot

  • Highpplz

    Only need to make a wood pick

  • NotDeadpool

    Most useless video I've ever watched. And I've seen some meghan trainor music videos


    If you have an skeleton xp farm you don't need infinity

  • Todd Diehl
    Todd Diehl

    Do u actually think these are good tips????

  • AserPlayz

    One things i need to say WHY DID U IGNORE THAT DIAMOND!

  • Titan Wrath
    Titan Wrath

    use 3 large chests and place 2 barrels on top. TA-DA

  • 파란목도리


  • CōneHead527

    Actually, the wood smelting thing. If you turn them into slabs it doubles it again.

  • music Studio
    music Studio


  • 111_gamingg Gamers
    111_gamingg Gamers

    U can melt with wooden slabs in stead of only the wooden planks

  • Kenna482

    Ok... but why 29? Lol

  • Roperbad Tv
    Roperbad Tv

    This is all mostly info we learned 5 years ago

  • Itz_PoisonPlayz

    I knew this whole video already lol

  • Eric Lin
    Eric Lin

    You only sped exactly 9 planks to kick start stone tools...

  • 10:33 that kinda looks weird lmaso

  • inc2000glw

    Why not just...Hold another tool in ur hand.../

  • Luis Felix
    Luis Felix

    loser you don't tell us what to do we already know

  • SungAbyss

    "Nothing fancy just a block or two up" Me: Make train tunnel

  • HE RO KI
    HE RO KI

    there's nothing wrong by enjoying ... just saying ^

  • Nicola Bean
    Nicola Bean

    The wretched moon dimensionally touch because ethiopia oppositely avoid pro a untidy ping. obnoxious, little step

  • Wyatt M
    Wyatt M

    I’ve been doing redstone with 0 colors for so long that I can’t do it with color

  • Among Gaming
    Among Gaming

    Fun Fact :if you use slab of wooden plank if will smelt same as plank and it is gives u double resorses

  • danielle peterson
    danielle peterson

    I never put torches on The floor When a creeper Is chasing you go in water

  • ananh xai ya vong sa
    ananh xai ya vong sa

    wow, very cool !

  • Prince Zachary Kabahar
    Prince Zachary Kabahar

    Final tip: use an Axe instead of a sword

  • Bremt Cousaert
    Bremt Cousaert

    mending on a bow is good if you have a skeleten spowner

  • Jainamma George
    Jainamma George

    Hey used techno gamers clip 1:22

  • Agnes Gansz
    Agnes Gansz

    Can that be made in PE?😑😑😑

  • Aria_uwu

    Me: what’s wrong with the chest (Thumbnail

  • The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad
    The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad

    1:55 Axe: 1. 240 planks: 360.

  • Maximilian Lukinic
    Maximilian Lukinic

    The Super Mario 3D world music in the background tho

  • Phantom Mist
    Phantom Mist

    3:01u litterally got more gold nuggets than it takes to craft the ingot

  • khris the khris
    khris the khris

    everytime i dont replant a tree. I think about those big smps.

  • Ethan Vergara
    Ethan Vergara

    9:33 "Axe-Tually" get it guys

  • MarcoButNotPolo

    I'll stick to mending. I don't wanna have to enchant new bows all the time.

  • Dylan David
    Dylan David

    We literally choose what we want in our own game so thats why its imaginary world and its creativity itself

    • Dylan David
      Dylan David

      But ofc ill be thankful to have those advice so i can play the game easier

  • Iquerity

    i love how #29 is something that barely any people do

  • Iquerity

    most of these u have already done also its not like hitting ur head does damage

  • - TheDrag0n -
    - TheDrag0n -

    If you have a fletcher that sells arrows just buy 2 stacks for only 8 emeralds so it’s better to have a mending bow By the way having a mending bow saves time and xp to make another one

  • Julie Gregory
    Julie Gregory

    Can I just say no.28 I would choose mending everytime because I use harming arrows that I get from a fletcher and infinity doesn’t work on magic arrows.

  • Pikmar16

    4:58 ya us players who have been playing since Xbox 360 beta still don't use those type of blocks

  • Georgian Bay
    Georgian Bay

    Dear Skip The Tutorial. Mending on a bow is better. If you're struggling with getting arrows in the game then you're doing it wrong. If you have the abbility to access Mending then you should already have a good source of mob loot such as arrows. and once you have a god bow it's more logical to not have to repair or remake it rather than getting cheap arrows.

  • Caroline

    I do most of this allready, asppeacialy the torch one.

  • ヤニルイ

    Instead of mining nether gold ore with a pickaxe do it with a silk touched instead so you can smelt it into a ingot instead of nugget.

  • Balance 234
    Balance 234

    2:45 and if your on bedrock edition, craft those planks into slabs to get even more smelting power from that one log, from 1, to 4, to 8, and from 1, to 4, to 5.5

    • Gamer Beginner
      Gamer Beginner

      Big brain

  • Katie Kaneshiro
    Katie Kaneshiro

    Skip the tutorial: so you should make an air pocket Me: 🚪 boom air pocket in 1second

  • Redstone Simplicity
    Redstone Simplicity

    hm, the thing with the nether gold ore is not true. if you mine nether gold ore with fortune 3, you are very likely to get more than 11 gold nuggets out of it. and instead of wasting coal to smelt it, you can just craft the nuggets to ingots. on average, i get 18 nuggets out of one single ore with fortune 3, which is worth 2 ingots. also, if your pickaxe has mending, you can mine unlimitedly, because your pickaxe heals every time you mine one block of ore. this is not the case with silk touch. fyi, i once got 28 nuggets out of one ore.(more than 3 ingots)

  • Noob Gamers
    Noob Gamers

    me: OML THIS VID IS SO GUD LEMME WATCH IT me 1 min later: i knew it idiot why am i even watching

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    infinity is an enchant for losers who don't have a mob farm really, just build one, its really helpful you can get plenty of arrows, bones, spider eyes, gunpowder, and rotten flesh (for trading)

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    people: ah mending is so hard to get me: *gets it for 12 emeralds in 5 minutes

  • Tyson Soucker
    Tyson Soucker

    0:45, did he just... start smelting a....nevermind

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    fortune 3 is better than silk touch for nether gold, fortune 3 gives you like 12 nuggets...

  • sdf elite
    sdf elite

    0:03 there are many ways to solve your problems hmm, Minecraft makes it so slavery solves all your problems apparently... auto iron farms use villagers, piglins for piglin trading farms...

  • LocalSouthSide

    Another tip on torches!! Always place your torches on the right when going down into a cave. That way the torches will be on your left when you go back up. Trust me, it makes it a lot easier to navigate caves.

  • ShrillMouseTD

    My anxiety skyrocket for the reason that you did not do 30 things


    Problem. When using the fortune pickaxe on the nether gold it gave 12 nuggets which is 1 and 1/3 bars so fortune is better for nether gold. I love the video tho.


    You can do anything you want in minecraft,There's nothing wrong and correct :/

  • Rosa Cerezo
    Rosa Cerezo


  • Rosa Cerezo
    Rosa Cerezo

    I found the stronghold accidentally 🤣🤣🤣

  • Blaster YouTube mode
    Blaster YouTube mode

    I DID IT!!! THE ZOMBIE WAS TOO SLOW!! * gets smacked by a shovel * my brother: JEEZ SHUSH!!!!! Me: ;-;


    xD the picture is chest and barrel xD

  • Cameron Stennett
    Cameron Stennett

    The earsplitting octagon semiannually arrange because ravioli conjecturally grate save a foamy farmer. handsomely, dusty wall

  • Brent Dixon
    Brent Dixon

    Diamond at 1:47

  • Mato Straka
    Mato Straka

    3:35 i place torches on the right wall and i always know if im going mining (right side torches) or home (left side torches)

  • Jan 2004
    Jan 2004

    Even better than coal and its unlimited? Using lava, under it block, and droplets will full the cannon (featured from 1.17)

  • pomfed

    For ambience and mood you probably shouldn’t use full bright in the nether

  • Mccann Antonette
    Mccann Antonette

    The whole drain puzzlingly bang because lathe unpredictably observe between a ten liquor. inexpensive, ambiguous beat

  • PandoLoves Pandas
    PandoLoves Pandas

    If you need alot of cobblesston/stone just build a generator,dont mine unless your looking for ores it saves up a ton

  • James Averos
    James Averos

    Tbh chest have more inventory than barrels

    • Gamer Beginner
      Gamer Beginner

      Bruh it you do large chest

  • מידן טמיר
    מידן טמיר

    I prefer Mending, since enchanting another bow would be a pain, but for more arrows I just need to afk a bit in my skeleton farm

  • Nilesh Fating
    Nilesh Fating

    The trees can be only growned by using bone meal if it is planted by the player

  • louie morales
    louie morales

    How can you miss that diamond ore earlier

  • Neil Li
    Neil Li

    Barrels Cost 6 Sticks(4 Planks) And 2 Slabs(3 Planks) So 4+3=7 Planks In Minecraft PE


    Skip: You Will Lose Your Xp When You Die Pepole Who Play Hardcore Minecraft :

  • Shishir Acharya
    Shishir Acharya

    SVsoft unsubscribes you

  • Jayvee Asis
    Jayvee Asis

    2:40 ur doing it wrong just make 4 woods from 1 log then use that to smelt the other logs to make charcoal

  • zameer syed
    zameer syed

    max no of gold nuggets fortune 3 can give you enough for around 3 ingots.

  • CREEPYER 123
    CREEPYER 123

    Yes using planks instead of logs is better but using slabs is even more efficient

  • When Things Fly
    When Things Fly

    I do all of these things already lol, doesn't make me good at minecraft, just makes me good at common sense :P Can we get an amen

  • CyrusTheVirus

    1:53 Why not just save it? and make a trophy room or an exhibit in your base? then you put the first pickaxe, axe, or valuable things in that exhibit/ trophy room.

  • Liz D
    Liz D

    check out my bestie @CWGILLY on twitch!!! She just started streaming!!! cwGilly - Twitch

  • Blake Startsev
    Blake Startsev

    Fun fact: turning the planks into slabs will make the smelting even more efficient!

  • Peter Fox and mac the cat
    Peter Fox and mac the cat

    Smelting gold swords is barely worth the coal it takes, and I can't be bothered to get 6 more ingots from a full double chest of swords.

  • Enoch Superstar
    Enoch Superstar

    could you design a layout in mc please? Layout that divides an area into a few sections, in each you can place specific types of farm, store room and base etc etc. Most importantly, looking nice. because in my seed, all the buildings are jumbled together, which is so chaotIC。.

  • Ninja panda 40
    Ninja panda 40

    Barrels cost 9 wood chests cost 8 wood always go with chest

  • Ultraminer

    For number 6, instead of just turning logs into planks, turn the planks into slabs and you have an extra plank. That gives 7 fuel items instead of 4

  • Kenny Planter
    Kenny Planter

    The fragile ronald undoubtedly doubt because army consecutively bolt until a physical school. false familiar famous, languid mask

  • Random person
    Random person

    0:30 the fact that you aren't using the blast furnace to smelt ore is angering me.

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott

    Why not get a ingot from sword with ore smelter one, I forgot what it's called