29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us
29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us! For every 200 IQ outplay in Among Us, there's a -1000 IQ way to die. Whether you're an impostor, crewmate, or crewstor (if that exists) - these are dumb ways to try and avoid. Among Us is a game all about strategy, so today we're going over 29 of the worst moments where that doesn't work out. It's tough always pulling off insane big brain plays, so today Skip the Tutorial is covering the biggest Among Us fails that are sure to make you cringe.
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      ItzBIULD :D


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      Ezekiel Gregore


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      Brian Cha

      I will not

    • Brian Cha
      Brian Cha


    • Mary Eunice Oderanti
      Mary Eunice Oderanti

      Not true

  • Krish Iyengar
    Krish Iyengar

    *In an emergency meeting* Me: I believe yellow is an impostor. Yellow entered Electrical with pink and pink was found dead a short while later. After going into the room, I found that yellow was no more in Electrical. He must have vented. Also, players checking the Admin map reported flickering in the number of people in MedBay and Security. Also, after a player saw a vent open in Security, the doors were closed. This is why i believe yellow is one of the impotors. Everyone: Hmmm... Yellow: red sus Everyone: _votes for me_

  • Diego Alvarez
    Diego Alvarez

    The hot huge edger unexplainably double because distribution expectably admit as a nonstop throat. dispensable, finicky snowflake

  • Turtle Taylor
    Turtle Taylor

    3:32 “I’m going to be a dancer!”

  • The Leprechaun
    The Leprechaun

    Dumb Ways to Die! So many DUmb Ways to Die!

  • Kevin Harms
    Kevin Harms

    im an imposter

  • Aarav Mehta
    Aarav Mehta

    skip vote no info

  • Georgina Miles
    Georgina Miles

    People who don’t do tasks aren’t really helping the imposter cos have you ever seen a crew mate win via tasks? I definitely haven’t.

  • D2D - Delicious To Dine
    D2D - Delicious To Dine

    30th stupid way: having a mini crewmate

  • Teletubbyboi 69
    Teletubbyboi 69

    Chanses of this comment getting hearted

  • GamingFox

    I have 29 subs. This is 29 ways to die in among us.

  • Paul Zandarski
    Paul Zandarski

    Number 13thats me

  • Oblivions Ghost
    Oblivions Ghost

    Got voted out because I did wires too fast and that the task bar didn't go up I was just starting the task and I'm really good at wires

  • Jonson fatinson
    Jonson fatinson

    The divergent dorothy compatibly injure because parrot conversly jog besides a glossy grouse. friendly, jaded food

  • Carol-Ann Thurlow
    Carol-Ann Thurlow

    Ok my dumbest way I died as imp is when my name was iamtheimp and they voted me out because of that

  • Rolynn Naoe
    Rolynn Naoe

    69k =-=

  • A Carter
    A Carter

    Skip: “you can’t subscribe in under 2 seconds” Me who has already subscribed: I am four parallel universes ahead of you



  • James Ryan Gagarino
    James Ryan Gagarino

    This is cursed vid

  • The_DragonLord76

    I play with discord but I tell my friend if I am the imposter but if I die don’t say who did it

    • sans

      I do that with my sister

  • dinodon donny
    dinodon donny

    Me and my freinds play on calls, but instead of talking about the game, we just chat

  • Liam Carton
    Liam Carton

    I subed

  • Liam Carton
    Liam Carton

    Why is there a Dum sticker for a hat?

  • Liam Carton
    Liam Carton

    Me:Can I have Among us?Mom:No Me:😡😭

  • Liam Carton
    Liam Carton

    Why kill when you can make friends?

  • Liam Carton
    Liam Carton


  • Liam Carton
    Liam Carton

    People vote!!

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    one time the imposter killed me during the meeting cause he clicked kill at the same time that i clicked emergency meeting.

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    one time i killed in front of somebody and said that they saw nothing and they didnt vote me. and then the same thing happened again but with 2 people and i got voted off

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    nobody fixes reactor but me, reactor is the ultimate sabotage.

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    i always stack, only with people that did visuals though so when the imposter kills, they think its only one person, another person pops out so they sus it on that person but there was another person under the second person.

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    i never do tasks, once i won 10 times in a row while not doing tasks i just quit tasks except for visual ones.

  • Cat King
    Cat King

    i managed to win once because there were 3 people, i was the imposter and both other people thought it was me but they didnt vote.

  • Nikki Buchholz
    Nikki Buchholz

    The dark green stereotype is true because I always play as it and get kicked into the lava

  • NotWakey

    I feel trigred

  • Lyn Finez
    Lyn Finez

    Dumb ways to die i i so many dumb ways to die

  • Adam Westwood
    Adam Westwood

    Once I was proving my innocence so I didn’t get voted out so I screamed I have medbay and if someone just says there innocent then you can’t believe them but when they say they have the scanner you can’t put it down but the rest of the crew thought otherwise and I still look at them as the dumbest among us crew I’ve ever seen.

  • Kirb Kirb
    Kirb Kirb

    Amog us

  • Aya yaya ya
    Aya yaya ya

    Don't like. It's 69k likes on thvideo

  • Sarah Sin
    Sarah Sin

    You are a pro!

  • clydeCSGO

    Smart ways to die?

  • TBNRPRO6440

    :/ oh no


    Fun fact. Imposters are watching

  • Midnight Luna
    Midnight Luna

    6:19 Me laughing in white

  • Sophia Yu
    Sophia Yu

    Me: Go into decoms in Polus (I always get killed there when someone else is there)

  • The swa
    The swa

    fun fact: one time i got straight wires 2 TIMES IN A ROW!

  • Mars

    Me: *kills subscribe button* Everyone: idk that's kinda sus


    Last time I saw someone killed infront of then I called a meeting then died

  • Marsh 123taken
    Marsh 123taken

    One of the most annoying things to happen when you get imposter but your teammate snitches on you

  • Cora Dunne
    Cora Dunne

    I hate getting the imposter

  • AdoptMeGaming

    My friends are idiots

  • Nathan_1617 • 16 years ago
    Nathan_1617 • 16 years ago

    Hackers who know who the impostors are as a crewmate and when the impostor did nothing

  • HT C
    HT C

    Me: *vents into security as my impostor partner vents to med* Lime: LE GASP! IT'S WHITE, PEOPLE! Me: I didn't kill! chococat was An Impostor. 1 Impostor Remains. Lime: Let's gooo! Me: B-b-but I didn't even get one kill in *le cri*

  • Æ Out of my mind ALDC Æ
    Æ Out of my mind ALDC Æ

    The no. 1 way is just to stand in elec

  • G.M.C Cinderella
    G.M.C Cinderella

    1 time i was impostor against 9 crewmates and won no reports if u see a Nurse Cyan it me

  • Christine Lanza
    Christine Lanza


  • kindheit serien
    kindheit serien

    gosh I hate it when I find a body, they will always accuse me especially if I am late at reporting and someone is coming after me they will think I killed them ugh

  • Jacob Ridgway
    Jacob Ridgway

    My favorite color is also red. I feel your pain.

  • just a gamer boi
    just a gamer boi

    20 "Dumb Ways to Die" in among us

  • Ayaan Khurram
    Ayaan Khurram

    Can anybody count that how many times he get voted off?

  • turbo

    theres only 3 ways to die, disconnect, murdered, and voting off

  • Bidi Masterz
    Bidi Masterz

    *tune plays* get murder by the impostor get slammed by a door dont fix a sabotage do something sus and get voted out dumb ways to die so many dumb ways to die dumb ways to die-ie-ie so many dumb ways to die

  • e mae
    e mae

    maybe because in among us your name is skippy t skip means vote red thats you

  • Arina Ashinova
    Arina Ashinova

    Him: you can’t talk to little I can’t talk to much what am I supposed to do Me: talk normal Him: how ? Me: well figure that out Him: great um thanks?

  • Stritt Four
    Stritt Four

    Ok had a game today where I built up a case and figured out the two impostors and they were like oH yOu HaVe BeEn LoOkInG tO aCcUsE sOmEoNe it was so annoying and I got voted,but they voted them off afterwards

  • Alchemy Parrot
    Alchemy Parrot

    "Easy target" *Misses bullseye*

  • Asmaa layine
    Asmaa layine

    Defending yourself in Among Us is the stupidest way

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul

    How many times did cyan kill you

  • Kitten Tan
    Kitten Tan

    6:19 this is very true. I usually play as red or black, and I'm always sus when I'm not an impostor but good at finding impostors. Problem is, I'll get voted out for being sus.

  • Matthew Scott
    Matthew Scott

    Why you use super Mario 3d world music

  • Juliana Madrid
    Juliana Madrid

    I literally pulled my laptop so close to my face that my nose touched the subscribe button! It was so funny. Though I think I broke my body because I did too much stretching to do it. T`T

  • Punk King
    Punk King

    hheey, did u remarks that, sometimes u can here the sounds of u know when people talk in the chat. sometimes on the mobile version we can hear the ghost talk in the chat..


    do you no sire sole

  • Ashie Lilystar
    Ashie Lilystar

    I have experienced the “Fools proof” death myself I saw purple vent in shields then I did MedBay in front of someone purple killed my MedBay buddy on cams while I was watching everybody thought it was “tOo DEtAiLed” and voted me off Ashie Lilystar was not the Imposter

  • I’m an egg
    I’m an egg

    Once i reported and died at the same time true story

  • Kevin plays
    Kevin plays

    who saw that there were upload tasks 6:38

  • Natasha Stewart
    Natasha Stewart

    I already subbed two days ago 😂😂😂

  • Melissa Anderson
    Melissa Anderson

    29 stupid ways to get voted out

  • Austin Kendrix Fadera
    Austin Kendrix Fadera

    Fun Fact: Among Us can sometimes ruin friendships

  • BartoszGer


  • Alejandro Bernardino
    Alejandro Bernardino

    On number 6. The vacant voter one, there was 4 ppl. He got voted off by one vote. That means he didnt vote either. If her had it would have tied and he would not have gotten thrown out

  • Abeer Ibrahim Al Zuhluf
    Abeer Ibrahim Al Zuhluf

    one time i did not say somthing in a meting and kiled front somone

  • Amr M.A
    Amr M.A

    I was an impostor after being a crewmate for 3 hours Then I got voted off because of a hacker

  • Lakshmi Raghunath
    Lakshmi Raghunath

    I have run into games where noobs have sussed me bc they thought doing medbay was sus Noobs!!

  • SaharaCoyoteBoi

    Duuuuumb ways to die So maaany dumb ways to die Duuuuumb ways to die-hi-hi So many dumb ways to die

  • Ian Hinkle
    Ian Hinkle


  • ColinCartoons

    I’m glad he just goes straight to the point instead of spending an entire minute telling you where the subscribe button is

  • Ting Hoi So
    Ting Hoi So

    Red is not sus

  • Filburt Turtle
    Filburt Turtle

    Dumb Ways to Die

  • CommunistTiggy 429 aka Kabu
    CommunistTiggy 429 aka Kabu


  • bonewhite

    i resonate with all of these, I've once got 3 kills in the first two rounds, and then my teammate throws me under the bus, and then dies immediately after because someone say they vented when that person doesn't even vent.

  • ibrahim memis
    ibrahim memis

    If i get voted out for no reason i just do my tasks and the last one i just do if its done and see them die

  • Kustomation Studios
    Kustomation Studios

    Bob and Wumbo in this video is almost always the imposter

  • Carmen Alicea
    Carmen Alicea

    They day vote skip and vote you because your name is skip 😂

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith


  • Skellycrossbones


  • Skellycrossbones

    I've done that

  • Damon Obsidian Wolfheart
    Damon Obsidian Wolfheart

    I was voted off for standing on a vent. But, I was downloading data in weapons.

  • Karen Bayless
    Karen Bayless

    H E S A I D S U S P I C I O U S

  • orwell saguilot
    orwell saguilot

    Wow 😮