25 Ways to Ruin Your Friendships in Minecraft
25 Ways to Ruin Your Friendships in Minecraft! Minecraft is full of ways to prank your friends, so whether it's creating a magma block floor, killing their wolves, or good old fashioned tnt, here are some of the best ways to mess with your friends in minecraft. If you're trying to win a minecraft prank wars with your friends or use some techniques against your smp enemies, these minecraft ways to ruin your friendships are sure to do the trick. So, let's find out new ways to troll your friends and more in this Skip the Tutorial list video!
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Recording Panda sounds for Minecraft!
So I cried in a Minecraft tournament...

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    Stopped watching when you killed the dog. Thats too far

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    Iamabean Krunker

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    Thelonewolf 389

    A way to get yourself kicked from a minecraft sever is to accidentally break an elevator system

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    *Mario kart has entered the chat*

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    Puddles The Molten

    If one of my friends (excluding my best friend because she’s the only one I really care about) did any of the pranks besides 1, 4 (if they didn’t use my loot), 7, 8, 11, 16, maybe 18, 22, and 23, I’d probably be upset with then forever and at the very least I would _never_ trust them again. These pranks will definitely ruin a friendship

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    Qwerty Qwerty 714

    How do you build the infinity room?


    check out Dj konski he makes the best minecraft vids

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    A Basic Roblox Gamer

    Step one: have friends Step two: make them make a house Step three: commit arson

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    #26: crop your friends plants right before it’s done

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    Non Minecraft players: what’s the big deal about floating trees? It’s not that bad. True Minecraft players: *Crying*

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    Dark Ninja!

    number 13 is the type of things i do to troll my friends 😂

  • Kluci Řehákovi
    Kluci Řehákovi

    Curse of biding in hardcore is cruel. I would change the texture of pumpkin.


    2:30 if thats ajthebold's dog u ded.🤣🤣🤣

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    Slaying pets is evil, no exceptions.

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