What Happens if You Silk Touch a Mob?
What Happens if You Silk Touch a Mob? Silk touch is an enchantment we usually use on pickaxes, but what happens if you put it on a sword? Today, Failboat and Skip the Tutorial will see what happens if we kill a mob with silk touch in Minecraft. This Minecraft challenge shows what happens if you use silk touch on your sword in this "what if" Minecraft, but challenge video.
Featuring @Failboat
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      I Silk Touch'd it as you said. I used the source inspect to copy out the HTML code and cut it from the page. Now it's in my clipboard...

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    we can silk touch mobs... but what about players? are we gonna be Zach king and toss em into swimming pools? - lava-

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    I wonder if they get a Ender dragon Spohn egg



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    Mob drops would be easy enough if this trick *required* a weapon that was actually enchanted with Silk Touch. In particular, axes can get Silk Touch!

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    Wolf be like what about me........ :/

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    does the putting sticks in campfire really make them blaze rods? (in minecraft java 1.16.4 no mods)

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    How To Kill A Mob With This Data Pack. Chuck It In Larva

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    Wait a min was the dragon silk touch too?

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    it's funny how u can just build iron golems then kill em and take them with you so if mobs attack u can be like "(insert iron golem name), ATTACK!!"

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    Put silk touch to grab

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