23 New Updates Among Us Needs to Add
23 New Updates Among Us Needs to Add! Among Us is one of the most popular games of 2020, but what will it look like in 2021 and beyond? Since Among Us 2 was cancelled by Innersloth, let’s look at some of the most wanted features that people would love to see in a new Among Us update. Whether it’s a custom map maker, flashlights, ghost abilities, and more, it’s on this list. So, let’s see what Among Us features should be added in the next few months in this Skip the Tutorial list video!
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Research and footage in part collected by Jonah Walters
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Other Credits:
CrewLink Setup Instructions
Among Us but our name is colors!
A map idea that I had, although I know Innersloth isn't taking suggestions
Among Us 🛩️ The Airship Map 🛩️ Reveal Trailer - Coming Early 2021!
An idea I had for a potential Among Us color update
Colour stereotypes! (based on what I have seen)
Master Chief Joins The Fight In Fortnite
Among Us - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
They Sussed Us Both From Round 1.. (Proximity Chat Among Us w/ Dream)

  • Skip the Tutorial
    Skip the Tutorial

    Before commenting "Among Us is already on switch" look at both the text on screen and the trailer used literally 1 second later. I can assure you: I know.

    • James Huynh
      James Huynh

      Ah chooo

    • Godd5illagg Videos
      Godd5illagg Videos

      What about different roles as well

    • Devabrata Chakravarty
      Devabrata Chakravarty

      There are gonna be a couple of new colours when airship map comes I know 2 of them 1 is gold and other is silver

    • S̵̡̈t̷͑͜r̷͓̽a̶̡͒ẘ̴̠b̷̟̀e̴̺̐r̸͓̕ŕ̸̥y̴̛͔

      ok I saw that comment right on time because if I didn't know, I would put in chat: AMONG US IS ALREADY ON NINTENDO IT IS EVEN ON MY SWITCH

    • Suhaibu Khan
      Suhaibu Khan

      @skiperoo10 is that true?

  • Gabe N
    Gabe N

    If you want among us voice chat just download AmongChat in App Store

  • Pelorusia ball
    Pelorusia ball

    They did the update NOW THEY DID QUICK CHAT I CAN'T WRITE

  • Marshall Thomas
    Marshall Thomas

    Well i think you can get steam on mac then get among us on steam, or use bluestacks

  • Nick Keogh
    Nick Keogh

    Just get mods

  • Taki Michał
    Taki Michał

    I have an idea: Creative Mode. You can make normal lobbies as usual, but hosts can choose whether they wanna be the impostor or a crewmate (or detective). Then, in the main game, there would be a creative button and creative lobby list (like in online public) but there is a setting/filter on top: available role [Impostor/Crewmate (/Detective)]. When players click on creative and select a role, a list of public lobbies with that role still available appears. If they do not select a role, a list of normal public lobbies appears.

  • Razvan Alexandru Radulescu
    Razvan Alexandru Radulescu

    Oh and btw i wish comms whould disaable colors ngl

  • Razvan Alexandru Radulescu
    Razvan Alexandru Radulescu

    I personally hope you can buy a custom color mode (for 5$) and there sould be a 3$ option for rainbow skin

  • Antoni Kurek
    Antoni Kurek

    0:35 Or maybe it will be a vote to proximity

  • growtopia _gtt3
    growtopia _gtt3

    Bigger lobbies, new colors and new cosmetics should be in the game

  • jose restrepo
    jose restrepo

    I hite updated in among us i want normal

  • James Valiente
    James Valiente

    look man, they added a new update and it actually got worse! you can only choose one of those words and the words are limited, they made it worse

  • Dosey Ardy
    Dosey Ardy

    among us release : 2017 everyone playing among us in : 2020-2021

  • kaareyt

    I literally hate people when they just leaves and has the worst settings they should be named adopted dumb and embarrasing people

  • bobrbw1202

    Today I played the worst among us game ever!! The vision was the lowest setting, it was slow, and the imposter was a hacker who made the game unplayable!!! They used invisibility, no kill cool down, they had no crisis cool down and they called meetings while the meeting was being ended!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mine ite
    Mine ite

    Among us is on Nintendo

  • My name is jeff y
    My name is jeff y

    I watched someone die while watching this.... in among us duh idiot

  • Ami Kulshrestha
    Ami Kulshrestha

    Like dream smp

  • Ami Kulshrestha
    Ami Kulshrestha

    I whnt 1 bell

  • Jonson fatinson
    Jonson fatinson

    The colorful acrylic roughly bleach because enemy unfortunately press from a peaceful cyclone. grandiose, delicious point

  • Embrey Emdere
    Embrey Emdere

    I think there should be a lobby chat

  • Jonson fatinson
    Jonson fatinson

    The lame ukraine systemically rejoice because eye psychologically count qua a didactic citizenship. staking, wise blinker

  • Carol-Ann Thurlow
    Carol-Ann Thurlow

    I’m so tried of the same game nos

    • Carol-Ann Thurlow
      Carol-Ann Thurlow

      Can I spell at all two how did I type two instead of yep

    • Carol-Ann Thurlow
      Carol-Ann Thurlow

      Nos two nos

  • Rafael Martinez Bravo
    Rafael Martinez Bravo

    Remember when among us had updates? Good times,wich were two months ago

  • Alipsesiserandis Sorchitsimp
    Alipsesiserandis Sorchitsimp

    I agree with 11:03, but then people might want to get killed by the imposter, and the game might end quicker.

  • Alipsesiserandis Sorchitsimp
    Alipsesiserandis Sorchitsimp

    Im like red, green, purple, blue, lime, half cyan, and half orange... kinda weird

  • Bhavani m
    Bhavani m

    Airship map is on the freaking switch

  • waterhouse

    I would like for example so your a crewmate ghost and you see all imposters I'd love that

  • Paper Carving
    Paper Carving

    Almost like Monk real life

  • Outside that time
    Outside that time

    23 UpDaTeS BeT Me Ok

  • Rayana Wolf
    Rayana Wolf

    Yes plss

  • Bastian Revazov
    Bastian Revazov


  • ImParanoid

    Custom Skins can make the game go under for the player will make nsfw skins

  • Carmen Alicea
    Carmen Alicea

    Ghost should be able to make the imposter see them then press a button making tje imposter follow them to the vent otmr just strait up control them so everyone thinks the going crazy actally ghosy should be able to do that to all players!

  • Samuel Rocco
    Samuel Rocco

    i think a prankster role should be one

  • frog pebbles
    frog pebbles

    bro it is on switch now...

  • DinoPlayz

    Fun fact: among us is dying..

    • BradynLee09

      It’s dead


    NOBODY talks about colourblind player support!!! How about when you select your colour you choose a shirt or skin with a unique symbol on it Circle, Star/Sheriff, Square, Plus sign, Heart, WiFi, Peace, Skull, Dollar$, Pound sign, Euro etc

  • BJ Nedia
    BJ Nedia

    I am sub

  • Darren Hastings
    Darren Hastings

    ya among us has three devs don't push them.

  • Bolita De Estambre
    Bolita De Estambre

    No more updates rip among us.

  • JoonaPlays246

    Promixity chat? Just no

  • e

    0:05 hmmm idk what that creature is ik thats sus..

  • giray uzun
    giray uzun

    0.05 preston

  • ARX Evil
    ARX Evil

    There is no way this comment gets pinned.

    • ARX Evil
      ARX Evil

      @Zenfade That is exactly why there is no way, this comment is mean't for people to see and see how i called it lol

    • Zenfade

      There is no way, not only are you begging, but you're 2 months late. Stop trying

  • Mew gaming
    Mew gaming

    4:31 i dont like that idea what if you HAD to leave then you rejoin YOU LOSE THE CHANCE TO BE IMP i feel like it’s unfair even though I don’t leave I still think this is a bad idea

  • emu• says•hi•
    emu• says•hi•

    I try like rp in among us and I find it so hard to find people who are from the same anime. I think like if you want to you could search for names so you dont have to go searching for your friend either 🤔

  • V I
    V I

    Wait fortnite has fun crossovers??

  • Owen McKinley
    Owen McKinley

    i like mods I WAS MADE IN 2018

  • YoussefBahader

    Once the host in my game chose who got to be impostor including me also we were playing hide and seek with 2 impostors

  • Pat Pal
    Pat Pal

    It won't work on console mainly bc typing during meetings is already stressful on mobile

  • Pat Pal
    Pat Pal

    And Ghosts should be able to skip emergency meetings and reports

  • Pat Pal
    Pat Pal

    Ghosts should help living crewmates do tasks

  • Kavitha Hawaldar
    Kavitha Hawaldar

    There is a problem with the one being disconnected as well as if the game disconnects you too many times it does the 5 min no play timer when it's not ur fault

  • Everyonelove Stuff
    Everyonelove Stuff

    9:56 Socks for one is a space man

  • Christopher’s Savings
    Christopher’s Savings

    We don’t need a flashlight.

  • Capture me YT
    Capture me YT

    The switch version was a fail

  • Oliver Hickman
    Oliver Hickman

    Make more among us videos

  • Oliver Kaczanowski
    Oliver Kaczanowski

    the imposter is lime not purple:) plz

  • Vegeta Sama
    Vegeta Sama

    Our voice chat could be just like pubg, completely optional and with large lobbies like 20 players

  • Elma Elma
    Elma Elma

    I'm so Excited to play Among us in the New map I'm Really Excited The New map is Really Good!!!!

  • Joaquin Alvarado
    Joaquin Alvarado

    Among us is on the Nintendo Switch

  • Sonja Ortiz
    Sonja Ortiz

    i need the airship map

  • BlueEngland

    1. Only if it's an option 2. idk 3. Yes 4. Nah 5. Host abusing impostor powers? Nope 6. When lights go out thats when this feature should happen. only then 7. Yeah! I'm so glad the developers are adding accounts for this reason 8. Down with the rage quits! 9. Don't really care for this one. 10. Yes! I always see 3x speed 10s impostor cooldown and 30s vote time with 15s discussion time 11. I wouldn't use it 12. I want to make maps and I want to see more maps 13. (XBox party system flashbacks) 14. (Double kill) "Who died?" "idk" "sus" *You was not An Impostor* 15. ...what was your point there? 16. I'd LOVE to play as Light Blue, Cyan is far too bright but Blue is too dark. 17. Yeah... you talked about accounts already though 18. Only trapping tasks as that makes ghost gameplay better 19. I'd love 12 or 15 sized lobbies! You'd need to make the existing maps a bit bigger though... 20. Custom skins with certain names would be pretty cool easter eggs! 21. More ghost stuff = better gameplay 22. The fact that they've already made a port to Switch brings my hopes up for an XBox or even Playstation port for the game 23. more task verities? sign me up!

  • •ish•gacha•wolf• :3
    •ish•gacha•wolf• :3

    I would love this among us added a customization area outside a round cuz you can change your character's color, hat, etc, without joining a game!

  • Nebey Weldu
    Nebey Weldu

    hate this

    • NLOP

      Some of these are terrible especially the one where you can choose who the imposter is

    • Nebey Weldu
      Nebey Weldu

      nah ima stop hate this and be like hmmn notreally

  • Tyler Zielinski
    Tyler Zielinski

    did ya guys know shields is a visal

    • Tyler Zielinski
      Tyler Zielinski

      @NLOP it is the out side of the place lights up

    • NLOP

      Its not

  • Liam Homer
    Liam Homer


  • Roblox YyYyFood9000
    Roblox YyYyFood9000

    3.00 is the best speed EVER

  • Vitorfilho1803

    If we get voice chat we would have predators and cheatters

  • The Unpredictable
    The Unpredictable

    10:56 they could put a “posses” button where the report button should be when ur a ghost so you could posses a Crewmate for a certain amount of time. Plus it could have cool downs.

  • TooMuchYak

    it does work on nentendo

  • James Huynh
    James Huynh

    It would be fun if among us host can change the map although they’re in A map

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina

    The rambunctious composition subjectively whistle because hacksaw suprisingly kneel for a serious tornado. numerous, mighty gorilla

  • It’s your boy Crocodile Racer
    It’s your boy Crocodile Racer

    If people with discord in my server I’m just gonna say’NO DISCORD PEOPLE IMMA VOTE YOU!’

  • dinno dood
    dinno dood

    youtubers take note! this is how meny people actually like, ring the bell and sub l l l V

  • sigurdtheblue

    It would be nice if Imposter could be possessed by ghost for like three seconds and have it recharge after a meeting.

  • AG1234

    I rwally want among us xbox but its difficult to chat

  • Lily and Emma
    Lily and Emma

    No I hate that you get even less chance because I have this thing called “game time” (many people have this ) and We have to leave and it’s no fair!

    • imajedi skywalker
      imajedi skywalker

      SAME mine is at 8:30 At night not in the vidio

  • Sif Hansen
    Sif Hansen

    still no air ship yet T-T

    • Detective Till
      Detective Till

      I know

  • Ravyn Ensor
    Ravyn Ensor


  • Chris Hobson
    Chris Hobson

    once I got impostor and then I won because everyone left I was not happy 😭

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown

    the devs have stop updating the game so... none of these updates will be added me=sadness

    • Michael Brown
      Michael Brown

      (edit they can update tho)

  • thewhat

    "sequel" Subtitles: sql

  • aluminyo

    The being able to change map and impostor count seems like a horrible idea Example: you join a two impostor game on skeld then it changes to mira hq with 3 impostors and the game already started before you noticed

  • Rapid Destroyer2.0
    Rapid Destroyer2.0

    I really want everyone to have pets and skins cause I don’t have them

  • NHD

    the number 16 gave me an idea: gradients, you can combine colors

  • PVP Pro
    PVP Pro

    among us is avalible on nintedo swich i play it all the time

  • BlueDaisyPlayz

    You Should be able to friend people

  • ZimShard

    innersloth might've seen this video cuz i've been hearing a lot about a new custom map maker coming to among us

    • ZimShard

      yeah innersloth is adding a lot of these features



  • Antoni Kurek
    Antoni Kurek

    Worst update Gives hackers free candy

  • Ls 19 Zocker FFW
    Ls 19 Zocker FFW


  • Joy RT
    Joy RT

    I think there should be a feature in the game where if you’re a ghost if you stand right next to the imposter it resets their kill cool down so they have to wait longer

  • Chaeli McIntosh
    Chaeli McIntosh

    among us in on nintendo swich

  • ella uwu
    ella uwu

    sometimes the ghost chat is lit tho

  • Pawel Kuty
    Pawel Kuty

    1:21 this why i think among us is on the top ten worst multiplayers games , i dont like propaganda and this thing dont help

    • Pawel Kuty
      Pawel Kuty

      But fortnite is the worst multiplayer game i ever seen reason? Well 1. This dancing moves mess people brains , and they doing it in front of the people 2. This game has so many divorcing and is so addictive that mees kids brain 3. Yeah stolen credit cards from your pocket

  • Mondo Owada
    Mondo Owada

    I love the animal crossing music in the background

  • Mondo Owada
    Mondo Owada

    The retail music in the background

  • Kustomation Studios
    Kustomation Studios