Skyblock, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time
Skyblock, But Item Drops Multiply Every Time! This was insane, and I think Failboat and I lost our minds more than once. In this Minecraft 1.16 challenge, every time we break a block, the amount of items we gets doubles. Every. Single. Time. Inspired by Dream and GeorgeNotFound's minecraft but item drops are multiplied every time, we decided to play skyblock but item drops multiply every time, and the results were crazy. So let's see how we do in this Minecraft but challenge with Skip the Tutorial
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Inspired by @Dream :
Featuring @Failboat
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Edited by @PigToots :
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      For each subscription, an item will disappear.

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      Let it crash then.

  • YLI Sim
    YLI Sim

    8:52 oneyplays reference?

  • YLI Sim
    YLI Sim

    Floating failboat was herobrine all along

  • YLI Sim
    YLI Sim

    The dirt circles look like dog turds

  • Rapid Sloth
    Rapid Sloth

    I have a question can I have a link to the server?

  • Suppies YT
    Suppies YT

    64 ender pearls... Me just watching: That's fine Me looking back: HOL UP

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    Izuku Midoriya

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    Jojo Manigos

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  • Fatih Surmeli
    Fatih Surmeli

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  • Thegamingyeet Yeet
    Thegamingyeet Yeet

    Skip:I think this is a world record of most pumpkins in the end Me:I’m gonna hold the record if that’s a thing I will place stacks upon stacks in legit survival

  • soubhagya laxmi
    soubhagya laxmi

    7:48 Failboat hit the ground too hard whilst trying to escape enderdragon

  • Demon Child
    Demon Child

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  • Aidenlol bonzanto
    Aidenlol bonzanto

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  • Aidenlol bonzanto
    Aidenlol bonzanto

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  • Gacha_Xenoblade_Gaming

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    Rad Rats Gaming

    Make more of "One Block Skyblock, But Every Drop Is Random" please.

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    Miggs Soriano YT

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    White Fox

    the dragon saved you you are the evil boys XD

  • Matthew Duffy
    Matthew Duffy

    No one: Literally no one: Failboat: let’s bridge with pumpkins

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    Play Time Meyers

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  • Michael Wu
    Michael Wu

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  • BadThe Imposter
    BadThe Imposter

    64 ender pearls. that might just be the weirdest part of this entire video

  • •clxud :D•
    •clxud :D•

    I used to watch failboat like 2 years ago and now I completely forgot about him

  • Ankit Agarwal
    Ankit Agarwal

    my computer crashes when i open mincraft becouse i have not a computer nut an laptop

  • Gathered Storm
    Gathered Storm

    Wait how’d you stack the enderpearls above 16?

  • sachu Dilkrishna
    sachu Dilkrishna

    Yay failboat from exploding TNT

  • kakyoin

    When i saw fail boat skin it brings back memory

  • The Queen’s Loyal Fool
    The Queen’s Loyal Fool

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    RILL craft

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    Boy Mata

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    masked gamer

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  • Armaan Kamboj
    Armaan Kamboj

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  • Othniel Manurung
    Othniel Manurung

    He has overachived

  • Evan Costa
    Evan Costa

    actually the dragon saved you by hitting you up then you pearled to a place and did more damage

  • Mini BUILDER
    Mini BUILDER

    7:12 what the ender pearls can only stack upto 16 then how did you wait what the heck

  • cyrusjhon delantar
    cyrusjhon delantar

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  • Perialis

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  • Stickboy 55
    Stickboy 55

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  • Rolling over
    Rolling over

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  • Hana

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  • Jasper Darshan-Fass
    Jasper Darshan-Fass

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    • Jasper Darshan-Fass
      Jasper Darshan-Fass

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  • DemolisherMan

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  • Your Typical Youtuber
    Your Typical Youtuber

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    Cracker Seanuts

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    Brayden Edgerton

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  • 「Aryynn Chaurasia」
    「Aryynn Chaurasia」

    64 pearls

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    Mr. Cookie


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    Xander Meza

    The number was 0.3

    • Xander Meza
      Xander Meza


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    daniel styer

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    manny ignacio

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    Yuan Plays

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    Rotten_ Brein

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    Zsolt Borbiro

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  • Laima Wolf
    Laima Wolf

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    Subham playz

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    Ionut Daniel Calinescu

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  • StudioX Minecraft
    StudioX Minecraft

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  • Mr. Who
    Mr. Who

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  • AngelicaThe Stan
    AngelicaThe Stan

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    Christian Block

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    Tygo Bakker

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    rainbowroad the killjoy

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    Alternative title:2 men destroying the internet

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    izuku midoriya

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    Nicholas Wakefield

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  • ItsVoid

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