25 Among Us Myths Tested to See if They Work
25 Among Us Myths Tested to See if They Work! The among us community is filled to brim with different myths, theories, and questions. So, in addition to other Among us Mythbuster videos out there, let's put some of those to rest today. From whether certain names guarantee impostor, to ghosts scanning in medbay, and so much more, let's see what common among us myths are total lies, and which among us theories are truth. It's Among Us myths debunked on this episode of Skip the Tutorial!
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      Iies its not a false before it was dark then after it was light its not busted you are light blind uhhhh sheilds is a option to protect your base when it lights it means it is working you didnt pay attenion to it uhhhhhh


      @b n idc

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      How about leave SVsoft or stupid

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    for some reason., the update lets you see through waslls

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    Heartbeats do spoil imposters. Test with friends or mutli platforms

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    👀 80:3

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    You can however do Alignment in reverse order

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    I won a game by vitals it was 2 imposter's and I won thanks that there heartbeat it was difrint

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    If you call meeting or report and the imposter vents at the same time, you can see the imposter do a venting animation when everyone surrounds the table

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    4:29 Subtitles: Henry Stickman Me: *rages infuriously*

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    When that one guy dosent vote on infinite countdown:

  • Thunderbolt

    On Mira you could use morse code to tell who the impostor is?

  • Yousef's world
    Yousef's world

    I have a MYTH what if you name your self give mePWR and see if you get imposter so much I tried it and I don’t want to spoile it see it for your self

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    Myth busted

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    Can I fave I pet

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    Only one player have shields....If u did sheilds, the lights will go up outside the ship

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    I knew this all before September

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  • ABCDE Jennings
    ABCDE Jennings

    True myth: If you become the impostor in Freeplay, sabotage, and then go into a vent. When the thing that says the impostor would have won blah, blah, blah, x it out, and start moving. You will be able to move around, and be invisible! You can even walk around and become a crewmate! Watch out for killing, venting, and the end of a meeting, as for after this, you will become visible again.

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    The always impostor myth is a sort of hack. I can tell that.

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    11:52 there is on the blue table a computer

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  • 「• Galaxy_Fox •」
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    Every time i someone says someone didn't do keys and i'm like: Bruh maybe they didn't have keys“ and then i get voted out-

  • Squiggly Triology
    Squiggly Triology

    If u name urself "i kill u" as orange or red you have a 50% chance of imposter

  • cloudysquad roblox
    cloudysquad roblox

    Discord babygorl

  • Akiiro Thomas
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  • duongsonha Knut
    duongsonha Knut

    Myth: What if different names have different chances of being imposter? I tried Toffee (which is my normal name) and had like 3 out of 10 times being imposter, whilst changing my name to something a bit more random might alter the chances (either lower or increase your chance of being imposter).

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    No sometimes Medbay doesn't proof if someone safe because in some Elegance videos the imposters have a hack to do tasks

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    Well yeah, henry stickman and among us ARE linked in the same universe! Remember, polus? The police officer/security guy? He got to name a planet. Planet polus! From among us.

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    I if u are looking miths I got one when you put a bad word in the chat it will just show this***ghats what it shows

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    I am going to test this mith

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    I did sub and like same time its not a myth its cool!!!

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    4:27 that's a true one of the characters are named "Polus Petrovich" he won a sweepstake and got to name a planet after him sounds familiar

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    u can like and subscribe at same time. Bunked.

  • The Lord Of Nothing
    The Lord Of Nothing

    So, I was imposter once and there were 3 people left, and the people I was playing with were desperate for finding the imposter, and blue saw me vent and called a meeting, but the thing is that the only thing blue saw was my pet vent, and blue assumed yellow had a pet, and so we voted out yellow and I won. My pet: Squig (Comes in Bedcrab Pet Bundle)

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    Why do I feel like that music is from Super Mario 3D World? My brother just got it and now all the memories are coming right back and that music is familiar.

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    deku was the impostor win for this one person, HE WAS ALWAYS IMPOSTOR except for one time when i was, he convinced them I was impostor so I got petty, I instantly killed someone with him there have him report it, turning the tables and said, "come on, he's always the impostor, trust me this one time, he killed them and I saw it" I laughed when he got voted off.

  • Tyler WIlson
    Tyler WIlson

    th gas thing is not false, i've done it, and i usually do it. it says that you need to do bottom again, but you really can only do the top if you've already done the bottom one first

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    5:50 it works it happened to me once

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    If you name your sief baby piggy then do a red and host and then make it 2 inp so you can get inp that how you get inp 2 times

    • Didi Chen
      Didi Chen

      You can do that hack if you keep not geting inp

  • The Wonderful World of Arri & Korra
    The Wonderful World of Arri & Korra

    Did you hear the dodo air line sone at the airport? Like if did

  • The Wonderful World of Arri & Korra
    The Wonderful World of Arri & Korra

    Did you hear the dodo air line sone at the airport? Like if did

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