17 New Updates Everyone Wants in 1.17 Cave Update
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17 New Updates Everyone Wants in Minecraft 1.17 Cave Update! Minecraft's new Caves and Cliffs Update brings a bunch of new features to the 1.17 update, but looking at fan feedback and suggestions, there are still plenty that could be added. So today, Skip the Tutorial is looking at features everyone wants that are still missing in the Minecraft 1.17 version, but could still be added in with 1.17 snapshots. From hatching the ender dragon egg to colored lights, these are some of the most popular features that could be in the next Minecraft update!
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▪Character done by ChickenWithTie ▶goo.gl/wJ7879
Co-researched and map built by Jonah Walters
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
Texture Pack for Dogs: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/better-dogs
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow his tracks at svsoft.info
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms (www.nintendo.co.jp/networkservice_guideline/en/index.html?n). All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2020, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.
Other Credits:
Auto-Crafting Dropper [Minecraft 1.15/1.14 mod]
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Minecraft Live: The Mob Vote
Minecraft Live: Mountains and Goats
Minecraft Live: Caves & Cliffs - First Look
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    • Whemenoc

      I agree with adding more "Dog breeds", but when you tame a Wolf, it's not a "Dog", it's still a Wolf. The only difference is that it's tamed. Sure wolves are still canines, but they are NOT "Dogs". So, just like the Ocelots being their own entity and separated from Cats... I want Dogs and Wolves to be separated, meaning Dogs and Wolves would be separate entities all together. Wolves should remain as their own entity, still possible to be tamed, and Dogs should be their own entity too. It should also be possible to breed the tamed Dog entities with the tamed Wolf entities, as well. If you tame a Wolf, you get a tamed Wolf as a result, and if you tame a Wild Dog, well... you get a Dog, not a Wolf.

    • Loki

      I want the backpack mod :(

    • Pokemon cards master
      Pokemon cards master

      I just watch for dpgies but all nice

    • Rowan Joey
      Rowan Joey

      I dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Just google for it :)

    • Sonic boy 145
      Sonic boy 145

      It’s not on iPad yet :(

  • Samruddhi Lote
    Samruddhi Lote

    Hey I need ya help skip how can I update on Android mobile I rlly want this update plz answer 🙏

  • Whemenoc

    I agree with adding more "Dog breeds", but when you tame a Wolf, it's not a "Dog", it's still a Wolf. The only difference is that it's tamed. Sure wolves are still canines, but they are NOT "Dogs". So, just like the Ocelots being their own entity and separated from Cats... I want Dogs and Wolves to be separated, meaning Dogs and Wolves would be separate entities all together. Wolves should remain as their own entity, still possible to be tamed, and Dogs should be their own entity too. It should also be possible to breed the tamed Dog entities with the tamed Wolf entities, as well. If you tame a Wolf, you get a tamed Wolf as a result, and if you tame a Wild Dog, well... you get a Dog, not a Wolf.

  • Masalmeh Rami
    Masalmeh Rami

    The cuddly dressing temporally accept because soybean randomly judge besides a classy sun. nosy, unequal beam

  • Darth Donut
    Darth Donut

    Wait what is the ender egg for?

  • Abbie

    we need shaders for xbox smh without it lagging

  • Asuna Yuuki
    Asuna Yuuki

    I dont need any updates we need the moments who got to memorys...

  • Cynthia B. Coleman
    Cynthia B. Coleman

    hey guys .... I know we all cant meet but this music plays a role of bridge between all of us

  • KURT

    We should be able to fry eggs

  • Just a Jackalope
    Just a Jackalope

    How can a large backpack hold so much more than a small chest and you can use the egg to make another Ender dragon you just place end crystals around the bedrock

  • Harvir Moor
    Harvir Moor

    Mojang should make it that u can hatch the dragon egg and then lime u can ride it and can be feed and maybe breed with by using the chorus fruit

  • Rosario Grant
    Rosario Grant

    The broken meat perplexingly surround because mandolin firstly trip plus a spooky february. merciful, goofy anthropology

  • asj 007
    asj 007

    Different dogs would be cool

  • Jojo

    You forgot vertical slabs xDD

  • I Ski
    I Ski

    Skipthetutorial: if we can customize our shields- Me: CRIES IN BEDROCK EDITION

  • Aidan Pereira
    Aidan Pereira

    5:30 there is already the debug stick whick can rotate blocks... -_-

  • Reyansh2209

    cries in bedrock edition

  • Sam Gaming
    Sam Gaming

    I don't want different doggies! Keep em same!

  • Itz TMOD
    Itz TMOD

    i wish Mojang devs saw this video LOL

  • Ivy Manlapas
    Ivy Manlapas

    yeah I like the dog idea the husky can be only found in snow bayoum and doberman in jungle so pls beta and mojang read are camennt and realeas it on apk ty 😊😊

  • Chiam HENG KUANG
    Chiam HENG KUANG

    I get it, you're addicted to the point that you forgot to put Minecraft in the title.

  • Yogurt

    *Yes tHeRe Is No RoTaTiON ToOL In MiNecRafT, WE WaNt OnE* *Bruh* how about *DEBUG STICKS*

  • Billy Delos Reyes
    Billy Delos Reyes

    Did you even played 1.17 Minecraft

  • Billy Delos Reyes
    Billy Delos Reyes

    Channging color of weapons would be OP too

  • blue_ phoenix12
    blue_ phoenix12

    I don't get why people call those wolves dogs

  • Kirsten March
    Kirsten March

    I am on my mums account but I love these changes you are so right

  • Cam TGM
    Cam TGM

    Fun fact: Mc bedrock can’t do banner sheilds

  • Emelia Friesen
    Emelia Friesen

    I agree with number 4.MORE DOGGOSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  • C1Ø

    1:00 laughs in bedrock

  • Mitch _Rules
    Mitch _Rules

    Ngl Hoping the next update is somet to do with the jungle biome as its useless or somet in the desert as it’s quite empty and boring Also the dog textures is most likely

  • Your Local Reptillian
    Your Local Reptillian

    D O G A R M O R P L E A S E

  • Aries the War Wolf
    Aries the War Wolf

    My opinion on the features he suggested: Banner Beds: This is a thing we must have. Container Entities: I don’t get how this could be helpful, but it’s interesting. Backpacks: We don’t need them - with shulker boxes and ender chests, you could make a portable storage room. Dog Breeds: Dogs definitely need variation! I wish my dogs could have visual differences aside from the Collar. Colored Lights: This would be awesome! I love different colored lights! Shaders: They’re laggy, so shaders aren’t on my nice list. Music Filters: It would be difficult to hear the music in some areas. Concrete Stairs and Slabs: I don’t build with concrete as much as I used to, but I’m interested to see what you guys could come up with. Wrench: That’s kind of unnecessary isary, because we can just mine the block and see what orientation we need. Shulker Spawning: This is a great feature! I really wish we had this! Biome Maps: That’s kind of OP, if they’re used to buy rare biomes. I think it should choose the biome randomly. Netherite Shulker Box: That’s also OP, and really expensive. If they were added, though, the portable storage room would be upgraded well. Auto Crafter: That would be confusing for people who don’t know much about redstone(me). Renewable Sand: I think the husks are a better idea, since right now husks are useless, and anvils are expensive. Egg Conduit: Reeeeaaallly OP. Honestly, I think the baby dragon might be a better idea. Illusioner, Giant, and Zombie Horse: The Illusioners are difficult to defeat, giants as well if they have an AI, and zombie horses would probably eat you. Dyed Armor: Customization for armor color is a good idea, and I like that with tools as well. I use a lot of tools I wish had varied color.

  • Stevie Cool
    Stevie Cool

    i hate that jarva has copper and the other stuff added in the same update as copper becasue bedrock does not have copper or nay other things added in that update for jarva

  • kavi shivasamy
    kavi shivasamy

    i agree with yall

  • InternetShibe47

    bedrockneeds to have the same features as java!

  • Rekha Bhanage
    Rekha Bhanage

    how if the dragon egg help us review in the end ???

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    That dog has a mod

  • Paula Shaliapin
    Paula Shaliapin

    how do u update minecraft

  • Tornado Jarvis
    Tornado Jarvis

    It would be amazing if when you mine coal there’s a 5% chance it will drop a diamond

  • CoolbonnieXD

    I can’t customize my shield


      bedrock cant do that but java can

  • Royal Harper
    Royal Harper

    There’s a free pack that’s called dogtopia that u can be a dog and different dogs to adopt

  • Francisco Constantino
    Francisco Constantino

    2:23 my God so cute I'm dead

  • Red Jamie
    Red Jamie

    how could u forget side way slabs?

  • Ian Does Gaming
    Ian Does Gaming

    You can already change the orientation by getting a debug stick it is already a thing

  • Bot AI
    Bot AI

    I love the honey hive galaxy music man! Galaxy was my childhood

  • Aaron Schrader
    Aaron Schrader

    Zombie houres are in bedrock

  • ShotoTodoroki


  • Tomáš Kučera
    Tomáš Kučera

    Java players crying they want moveable chests. Me chilling in bedrock edition with autoloop chest system ...

  • VioletBlocks

    The update is coming in the summer

  • Kirstine Dyberg Albrektsen
    Kirstine Dyberg Albrektsen

    2:09 wait are there difference on the cat model depending on if its a male or female??

  • Morgetty

    Would be cool if you could use skulk censors in your armor like a spider sense type thing when a mob is coming at you from far away

  • Zyborg Gaming
    Zyborg Gaming

    Moveable chests??? I thought that was already in minecraft? I play bedrock lol

  • Long Cat シ
    Long Cat シ

    6:04 oh hello phone repair guru (hes a yt)

    • Long Cat シ
      Long Cat シ

      @Zyborg Gaming hi

    • Zyborg Gaming
      Zyborg Gaming

      Hi u were the comment before mine

  • Adam Sanchez
    Adam Sanchez

    6:21 time hacker

  • spedkid2020 _
    spedkid2020 _

    I agree with all these

  • Corey Whorton
    Corey Whorton

    It's a caves and cliffs update not all of minecraft

  • Muhammad Rizqin Danial Bin Mohd Azuzi
    Muhammad Rizqin Danial Bin Mohd Azuzi

    my mom: talking out loud me:mom shhhh it gonne hear you my mom : who gonna hear me me: the wardon

  • Officer Panda
    Officer Panda

    This dude should be minecraft's CEO.

  • KarloW

    i think u should change the idea of dragon egg conduit from creative mode flying to elytra infinite movement with no fireworks in a short area so it wont be too overpowered cos u know speedrunners and like that.

  • Tasha Levin
    Tasha Levin

    Concrete, terracotta, wool, slabs stairs and fences

  • EXE. Kyrios
    EXE. Kyrios

    In bedrock edition of mincraft (You Can Push Chest )🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🔮

  • Tangy

    Everyone: CAVE UPDATE NOW MOJANG 😡😡 Mojang: Okay fine here, take it Everyone: but dogs...

  • Tet Tet
    Tet Tet

    My Xbox hearing this video oh no no no no no no

  • Booplez_イチゴ

    two words: *WALL SLABS*

  • Jordan Oddo
    Jordan Oddo

    Us on bedrock who can’t even put banners on our shield 😔

  • Lukas Sprehn
    Lukas Sprehn

    They should have kept the spyglass as round.

  • Lukas Sprehn
    Lukas Sprehn

    Speak for yourself. I like wolves the way they are.

  • Alex Neupane
    Alex Neupane


  • SubRex

    Lol i slept

  • DuckMina

    Minecraft 1.18: Mob update

  • Itz Diya Mandalia
    Itz Diya Mandalia

    One more more biomes i think that’s needed

  • DJnatorz

    No one wants a stupid dog update

  • 『 Four Chan 』
    『 Four Chan 』

    The thumbnail is what I’ve always wanted.

  • Cloud_

    Theres a way to dupe with a movable chest.

  • Windows 7 Home Premium
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Skip the Tutorial: Please mojang, give us a block rotation tool! Debug Stick: Am I a joke to you?

  • Bahrain Rizal Gamer
    Bahrain Rizal Gamer


  • munzter

    i like the bed

  • Vipulkumar Bhagat
    Vipulkumar Bhagat

    Indian cities

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep

    *Laughs in mods*

  • Killer Productions
    Killer Productions

    Ok but carpet stairs, you don’t have to deal with carpet cutting off at your stairs M

  • Michael B
    Michael B

    Carpet stairs

  • Aya Kamal
    Aya Kamal

    I HAVE SO MANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS VIDEO but for now, I will just say, there is already a rotation tool. ALSO, WHY DOES OPTIFINE NOT WORK ON BEDROCK

  • Kawi_rca7

    Y’all I’m confused with this update I just got back into Minecraft the other week and I’m still on 1.16 but everyone sounding like they on 1.17

    • did i take your name
      did i take your name

      Only the snapshot is out not the full update. If you're on java you can play it but not if you're on bedrock.

  • Andrew Branson
    Andrew Branson

    I have an idea what if you could put normal armor over chainmail armor to make the armor more used because how many people actually use chainmail armor.

  • The lives of Woffy and Birdboy
    The lives of Woffy and Birdboy

    It’s been Agetha all along

  • Quinn_TEKing

    They should make it to where you move slow with how much items your holding in your backpacks but with bundles you dont

  • Steam Train Ty
    Steam Train Ty

    Mojang: that’s... Why mods exist...

  • A_P3RS0N

    "theres really no reason why it shouldnt be done" my pc: are you sure about that?

  • Hunter My Dude
    Hunter My Dude

    NGL your acting like a little greedy brat. Mojang worked so hard for million of new blocks and updates. And you ask for more just more! It’s gonna take less time for Minecraft to die! You want that ya greedy brat? No!

    • Smile Face
      Smile Face

      Jesus Christ there's no way you actually think he's like that he was justgiving some suggestions and making it into a video he wasn't he wasn't stomping up to mojang's store in forcing it sand on them

  • The Goose
    The Goose

    I prefer the regular minecraft dog

  • teo negoite
    teo negoite

    I have T-launcher minecraft and I have the new version:>(1.17)

  • Maks Energy Gaming
    Maks Energy Gaming

    It would be so cool if you could hatch the dragon egg

  • Cxyn

    so what your saying is you want 3d terraria?

  • Purple Demon
    Purple Demon

    1:06 Laughs in bedrock

  • Asian maid
    Asian maid

    how many times do we have to say it THERE ARE NO DOGS IN MINECRAFT THOSE ARE WOLVES

  • Diamond King
    Diamond King

    If backpack exist, shulker box will be useless. Backpank doesn't need to be in MC

  • Andi Zgarta
    Andi Zgarta


  • Frank Hudson
    Frank Hudson

    For number 9, have you forgotten about the debug stick? And I know that you can't get it in survival unless you have cheats on, but it's still there.

  • wplayz tgh
    wplayz tgh

    I wish that we can forgive the dragon and the dragon will give you infinite eggs

  • Edison Ten
    Edison Ten

    Yes but go play at minecraft earth