41 More Minecraft Things to Do When Bored at Home
41 More Minecraft Things to Do When Bored at Home! When you're stuck at home, it's easy to get bored, but luckily there is plenty more to do in Minecraft 1.16. First it was 41 minecraft things to do when you're bored at home, and now we're back with even more activities, projects, and challenges to do in minecraft. So if you're bored at home with nothing to do, try out these 41 new minecraft things to have fun at home. This is a new Minecraft list video from Skip the Tutorial that will help you stay busy for hours by building a basalt bridge maker in the Nether, a permanent snow globe, and so much more!
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Map built by: Jonah Walters
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow his tracks at svsoft.info
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms (www.nintendo.co.jp/networkservice_guideline/en/index.html?n). All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2020, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.
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