Which Steve is Stronger? Smash Bros Vs Minecraft
Is Steve Stronger in Smash Bros or Minecraft? With the recent update of Minecraft Steve into Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I was wondering how the two compare. Did Sakurai and team buff the new challenger, or did they nerf his true power? That's why today we have an insane experiment to compare steve in Smash Ultimate to steve in Minecraft 1.16 to see which one is truly the better steve. It's smash bros vs minecraft in this Skip the Tutorial experiment.
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▪Character done by ChickenWithTie ▶goo.gl/wJ7879
Map built and co-researched by: Jonah Walters
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow his tracks at svsoft.info
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Other Credits:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - A New Seed! - Nintendo Switch
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mr. Sakurai Presents "Steve & Alex"
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What's the Fastest Way to Travel in Minecraft 1.14?
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  • Skip the Tutorial
    Skip the Tutorial

    Subscribe, or I'll use my final smash

    • Jacob Harvey 19
      Jacob Harvey 19


    • Anthony Miranda
      Anthony Miranda

      v i c t o r y s t e a k

    • Maddie Bird
      Maddie Bird

      Very late comment, but on minecraft bedrock you can place blocks while sprinting forwards and jumping

    • Wither Explorer
      Wither Explorer

      I found diamonds and if u don't use your smash I will burn it

    • Lucas Gamero
      Lucas Gamero

      you cant beat my zombie in smash

  • -Kappi-


  • Mr.creeper

    What is this, game theory?

  • A Sheep
    A Sheep

    i guess they used bedrock steve

  • umoonu

    fishing rod doesent do damage me who plays on bedrock yes they do wdym

  • Techno Bird
    Techno Bird

    What about amour, enchantments, potions and the like

  • Dylan P
    Dylan P

    You should ask this question for other characters

  • iron_spider

    Heres proof steve in smash is stronger: He can kill kirby with a bare fist, in MC, you can't do that if there is no kirby to kill, and you might be saying "That doesnt mean anything!" Have you seen what kirby has done, killing around 14 gods, marx stuff..., and killing bowser with a tiny hammer.

  • Ag silver Radio
    Ag silver Radio

    Wait, the fishing-rod and pickaxe do more dammage than the sword and axe in smash?! That's dumb.

  • British neko
    British neko


  • Fire is nice
    Fire is nice

    take steve out and replace him with heavy weapons guy.

  • Humid Cheemsburger
    Humid Cheemsburger

    Smash bcuz he got his beard back

  • Leif Messal
    Leif Messal

    btw the ratio of Minecraft blocks to real life is 1 Minecraft block 1sqared meter, and he can lift it effortlessly

  • ImFries_

    bruh I dragclick on the subscribe button and the yt site crashes lol

  • Wage

    I mean Steve in Minecraft can you know, get full netherite enchanted with prot. IV, and get a netherite sword with sharpness IV, while Steve in Smash, Diamond Sword, thats it.

  • Mr. Nomad
    Mr. Nomad


  • Liam Suderman
    Liam Suderman


  • Goose Is Yes
    Goose Is Yes

    J H

  • Leoneca Ann Canuday
    Leoneca Ann Canuday

    They should've added Dream

  • xander

    People forget that smash steve doesn't have any armor so.....

  • Pizza PowerXYZ
    Pizza PowerXYZ

    But can smash bros Steve throw around the entire multiverse from the palm of his hand?

  • andre graves
    andre graves

    one thing is the piston and rod are just items themselves and also you can hold 2304 blocks of iron , Diamond gold ect, minecraft steve is just WAY stronger

  • TrevD

    hey skip just wanted to mention you left out one crucial point in the crafting section smash steve only needs 1 diamond to craft shovel axe pickaxe and sword made of diamonds while minecraft steve can only make a shovel out of 1 diamond

  • Peace

    Proof Minecraft Steve Has UNLIMITED Power! | The SCIENCE... of Minecraft @TheGameTheorist

  • Petter Larsson
    Petter Larsson

    Minecraft OBVIOUSLY

  • Sanana the skenana
    Sanana the skenana

    Did he forget he’s needs only one diamond for a diamond sword in smash unlike Minecraft you need two

  • Elijah Lopez
    Elijah Lopez

    Hey can put blocks in mid air in smash, Obviously it’s smash Steve is stronger

    • ItzURSS

      minecraft steve can carry 2304 gold blocks and still jump and sprint

  • Captain LazyArtist
    Captain LazyArtist

    I’m just grateful they added our boy to smash

  • DonutDome

    Wait a fishing rod doesn't do damage?

    • a crazed bruhify tank cat
      a crazed bruhify tank cat

      in Minecraft, fishing rods doesnt do damage, but in Super Smash Bros it does damage i think.

  • The Adventures Of parker and Masa
    The Adventures Of parker and Masa

    Smash 100% would win crafting its way faster

  • Prixtienne Zamoras
    Prixtienne Zamoras

    Steve in creative mode /kill @e

  • jordan is gey
    jordan is gey

    The youthful ox ultrastructurally tame because copper advantageously rely pace a male appeal. angry, unbecoming index

  • P Mer
    P Mer

    The fishing rod does damage in bedrock. Not much though

  • Adam Diaz
    Adam Diaz

    Fact: you can place a block below you and speed bridge in bedrock edition

  • Daniel .A
    Daniel .A

    Smash Steve because he can beat kirby

  • Krazblox

    In Bedrock edition, you can place a solid block under your feet

  • Doge Mine
    Doge Mine

    The strength catgeory is completely off as steve in minecraft has 20 hp and so that with stamina in ssbu and then the final smash now does 225% damage, still not much more than the 200% tnt, but still its more even.

  • creeperz GAMER
    creeperz GAMER

    4:13 its a bedrock feature

  • Sohail Aji
    Sohail Aji

    Minecraft. Minecraft Steve can lift 2,646,901,877.76 pounds and run around without breaking a sweat.

  • Lionel Christian Wijaya 1205051
    Lionel Christian Wijaya 1205051

    What about /gamemode creative That makes him basically immortal

  • Markv2e S channel
    Markv2e S channel

    Steve is a fighter who cant be mained his attacks are slow and u need to be smart to win as him

  • Yunus Orpia
    Yunus Orpia

    i disagree TRY POCKET/BEDROCK edition

    • Yunus Orpia
      Yunus Orpia

      for the attack speed

  • Win Pa Pa Soe
    Win Pa Pa Soe

    Who’s skipthe2utorial

  • Xavier WestonRios
    Xavier WestonRios

    Skip, you can't put blocks like that. Bedrock, am I a joke to you

  • Noah Meadows
    Noah Meadows

    His size for his blocks is not accurate, he is 1 block and a slab to HIS blocks but accurate for the stage

  • Welp


  • cat loaf
    cat loaf

    Can Smash Bros Steve carry a billion pounds of gold

  • Orange Guy
    Orange Guy

    *unsubscribes* I dare you! Even if you try you will face my orange wrath!

  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade

    Marik ishtar: ah yes i can finally find the best speed

  • Trey Harper
    Trey Harper

    Ok but in smash you can make a shovel,pick,axe,and sword with ONE dimond

  • PhantomCat2000

    One word: hacks,

  • snek man21
    snek man21

    Smash Steve wins in crafting beacause he can turn one diamond Into shovel pick sword and axe at the same timr

  • Roman Brown
    Roman Brown

    but what if the minecraft smash has more health then mincraft pc

  • Zac Playz
    Zac Playz

    Do you know that IRL Steve can actually lift three Eiffel Towers at the same time

  • Zack LastName
    Zack LastName

    Pre-watching prediction As much as I love Steve in Smash and despite how good he is, his moveset is VERY restricted in Smash compared to Minecraft, so I’m pretty sure Minecraft Steve beats Smash Bros Steve

  • Zachary Dilworth
    Zachary Dilworth

    You also forgot minecraft Steve can literally hold multiverses of multiverses in his pockets without breaking a sweat

  • Super Triscraft
    Super Triscraft

    I think the minecraft Steve is stronger just because of the armor, enchantments and potions, c'mon

  • JøTheKram

    Smash bros steve litsrally mines anything with his hands what?!?

  • Cheese Gaming
    Cheese Gaming

  • gman gabs
    gman gabs

    It's minecraft Steve who is better

  • Alec Oli
    Alec Oli

    You have stupid only training and final fantasy has all 4 blocks And you forget mods

  • Default Tuber 64
    Default Tuber 64

    I like how steve sneaks in the trailer just like a kawai anime character would, i think they intended this since princes daisy also has some anime styles of animation

  • Likerayquaza

    In bedrock you can use place a free standing block right under you Use that technique to to a god speed bridge

  • pico the movie mouse
    pico the movie mouse

    Steve in smash will not win against creative mode steve


    Steve SMASH BROS EDITION: *Destroys almost INFINITELY OVERKILLS HIS ENEMY with 9999999 TNTs.* A random charged creeper: *Does infinite overkill with one move* Steve SMASH BROS EDITION: /give @s command_block Steve SMASH BROS EDITION: *write "/kill @e [name=Steve_SMASH_BROS_EDITION]" and sets Redstone to "always active" and makes it become a repeat command block.* also Steve SMASH BROS EDITION: *let's go of editing mode* while 0 is equal to 0: Steve SMASH BROS EDITION: *dies*

  • Jozu

    pre 1.9 steve: "hold my beer"

  • Lovekittys123

    If your going by pop stuff smash I'd worse than Minecraft because of one thing 1.9 critical axe hits or in 1.8 the sprint reset which allows you to chit and you can spam way faster so it's Minecraft which should win not draw out in points

  • heating service
    heating service

    0:31 I can see the lunar moon from the legend from Zelda

  • Space potato
    Space potato

    So i wont be deleting smash thanks

  • MyUth

    7:24 yo why don't Steve block clutch like the pros lol

  • Kadin

    i attempted to press the subscribe button but it dodged and killed me wo was also at 300% one stock

  • Aedan Tsang
    Aedan Tsang

    Look if they literally copy and paste everything from minecraft to smash he would be brooken.

  • Yunus Orpia
    Yunus Orpia

    you forget to try bedrock edetion

  • Esper

    as much as i wanted smash to win, i think minecraft should have won crafting because of how many different options you have to craft.

  • Alive Lake
    Alive Lake

    Minecraft Steve can respawn infinitely in default, *end of the video.*

  • Mr.Belles D
    Mr.Belles D

    Minecraft version EZ. Holding stack of gold blocks easy easy easy win.

  • sorry I guess.
    sorry I guess.

    I was thinking about knockback power. I thought it would be in this.

  • Hans Jørgen Lund Eriksen
    Hans Jørgen Lund Eriksen

    make this a series

  • Matteo Pepe
    Matteo Pepe


  • Ore Steve
    Ore Steve

    Minecraft Steve is better because he can craft netherRight

  • Sanprx


  • Polish Cow
    Polish Cow

    On bedrock edition, you can place blocks directly infront of you when you’re bridging


    I would say his smash bros. counterpart is better

  • Gamer Ryan
    Gamer Ryan


  • DreamSequenceYT

    In java using the axe is slow but idk about pocket edition in bedrock it's really fast to use axe

  • VideoLiam

    'Steve can't place blocks in the air just next to each other.' Bedrock: *sad ignored minecraft noises*

  • George Ferminky
    George Ferminky

    The dull fertilizer probably owe because plastic meteorologically cover athwart a scattered wax. male, boring parentheses


    3:38 dirt,wool,ice,sand,wood,stone and iron so not just 4 it's actually 7

  • Julio Negron-Yslas
    Julio Negron-Yslas

    “The subscribe buttons at 300%, so meteor smash it” *Laughs in little mac*

    • Anthony Salkauski
      Anthony Salkauski

      *Laughs in already subscribed*

  • A Yoshi Named Yoshi
    A Yoshi Named Yoshi

    What about holding shulker boxes stacking up and up with gold at the end hold near infinit wait

  • TheFlame27

    bedrock edition allows you to place blocks in front if other blocks without facing towards it

  • Random cat
    Random cat

    You can place when you walk like that on mobile 4:18!!!

  • Shadow Lurker
    Shadow Lurker

    Steve in minecraft with command enchanted sharpness stick : I AM DEATH

  • Sofian Loekman
    Sofian Loekman

    For the anvil in smash it only falls from about 3 blocks but in Minecraft you dropped it 21 blocks or higher.

  • Console

    mutli hit

  • dark dulalevi The man of cult
    dark dulalevi The man of cult

    Minecraft dungeons steve be like: 🥺🥺🥺😭😭

  • Creepy Bot
    Creepy Bot

    New Thumbnail ig

  • xcreeperx

    Steve jumping 2 blocks... *n o*

  • EzPz Quentin - Brawl
    EzPz Quentin - Brawl

    Change steves final smash to herobrine

  • Vasu Cochi
    Vasu Cochi

    I realised Steve never wore any armour or enchantments.