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  • GarryLarry890

    No one is a fan of diorite But polished diorite is pretty cool

  • the running man
    the running man

    Thanks for these helpful tips

  • Voidiky

    pog, you got failboat here

  • Korpei

    I flipped my monitor upside down

  • Bry10022

    Is #2 command block necessary?

  • L Swan
    L Swan

    How do u know where u should start or finish

  • Trident Gaming
    Trident Gaming

    3:54 Wait... was that Loss? I see what you did there...

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton

    you can cover Damonds with a map that looks like Choal and cover them up, after go back and mine 'em right up even leave a sign that says "Sorry but these were Diamonds"

  • Jayson Won
    Jayson Won

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  • LittleBigPlanet World
    LittleBigPlanet World

    3:32 if you know this you are an OG

  • Conz Studio Productions
    Conz Studio Productions

    I love how you say that you should put this redstone contraption in your base and then neglected to show how to make it. You truly live up to your name.

  • Reapery

    19 dollar fard card?

  • Adrienne Kinzel
    Adrienne Kinzel

    Why r all the maps 3D?? Like the maps go up when they could just be flat. *wast of time*

  • 파란목도리


  • Janna Epic
    Janna Epic

    Did he say moyang? 4:15

  • Кирилл Рыжевол
    Кирилл Рыжевол

    The vivacious storm behaviorally alert because part fittingly trade toward a craven stopwatch. tightfisted, bouncy hour

  • RHOTS Gaming
    RHOTS Gaming

    Bed rock players What is this madness

  • ATK_On_30hz

    Join Core Today!! AKA Copy Of Roblox!

  • Skeptical San
    Skeptical San

    In our server griefing isnt allowed we use the command /trust then their name so they can access our things like in chest,crafting table etc.

  • iiSimpellySweeterii

    why does core seem like a mix between fortnite and roblox?

  • The Fire Mouse
    The Fire Mouse

    I'm going to say this to everyone who thinks that composters are useless: WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH ALL THOSE SEEDS!?!?!??!?!??!!?!?!?!??! Hint: compost them dummy.

  • suchitra taorem
    suchitra taorem

    who else builds secret base in single player world xD

  • Piero

    Why the pixel arts are in stairs?

  • CōneHead527

    Actually, the wood smelting thing. If you turn them into slabs it doubles it again.

  • Walter Gerling
    Walter Gerling

    So your saying core is just Fortnights version of roblox

  • Shawn Lee Paredes
    Shawn Lee Paredes

    If you know i dig straight up and never died lava is too slow gravel and sand are not effective since i always have a torch for a source of light because i can't coordinate well with the dark and i can block off water

  • Harvir Moor
    Harvir Moor

    Mojang should make it that u can hatch the dragon egg and then lime u can ride it and can be feed and maybe breed with by using the chorus fruit

  • Dapper Wendigo
    Dapper Wendigo

    heres an idea: use white maps to cover your friends house so when they step outside its only white. WHITE WHITE

  • Connor Nguyening
    Connor Nguyening

    Caesars palace I’ve been there before in Nevada

  • Thaias

    Skip, you are so full of useful information. You give me so many ideas to test out. I only wish I had a guaranteed way of knowing if they’d work in Bedrock Edition, knowing your a Java player.

  • Cole Barrett
    Cole Barrett

    What I learned from this is that if you try hard enough you can make a globe

  • Jonathan Tonnessen
    Jonathan Tonnessen

    9:57 wait can't u just put name tags on a normal zombie or something and they won't despawn?

  • Carter Stiff
    Carter Stiff

    “But there’s actually a simpler option here. “ *shows extreme red stone hopper thingy contraption*


    Fun fact if a piglin drops a pair of boots and you dont pick it up it tell wear them

  • Manuel Yutuc
    Manuel Yutuc

    The core game is a cipy of fortnite and roblox but its modt likely roblox the tower of terror in reality is called tower of hel

  • Abisahi Videos
    Abisahi Videos

    Can we make a green screen with maps?

  • Noah Tinio
    Noah Tinio


  • Jomer Jamero
    Jomer Jamero

    Watch wad zee he made It it took him 6 months

    • Jomer Jamero
      Jomer Jamero

      If netheritw beacon no sourandiny

  • Kevin McQuillen
    Kevin McQuillen

    The *clears throught * tower thing is is remake of tower of he** on Roblox FYI or btw

  • Niborsixoir

    Apartando que para Skip es una total absurdez, para los comunes y mortales son tips ideales para hacer nuestra vida más fácil en Minecraft

  • ePog

    what is that amogus character at 8:10

  • Lazyspark


  • Mason Chapman
    Mason Chapman

    Video starts at 1:13

  • Jake Rozewicz
    Jake Rozewicz

    Why do the maps all have staircases of blocks?

  • Crazy Ubiquitous
    Crazy Ubiquitous

    This video just hit 1,000,000 views!

  • 000Brick


  • Clunky

    what is the song u used skip

  • nate levinson
    nate levinson

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  • Maria D
    Maria D

    the real question is HOW to make all these maps look diffarent

  • Quackity 2
    Quackity 2

    Great! Love the work 🦊

  • Bros 4 Life
    Bros 4 Life

    Sub to Betsy the cow

  • christopher Sidamon
    christopher Sidamon

    prove 0:34 you are creative mode so you dont take damage 3:00 furnace in minecart is forgotten allrady

  • Blue Rosé
    Blue Rosé

    Who remembers the map art in the minecraft handbook (can't remember which one of the four)

  • I cant think of a name
    I cant think of a name

    Core is a roblox rippoff

  • Alan Wagner
    Alan Wagner

    I subbed already

  • Thaias

    I learned how to lock maps, this will be so useful, thank you! I just have to test it if it works in Bedrock now...

  • stinki guy
    stinki guy

    The thing with chain armor is that u would just have it for looks bc u can use the iron that u used to craft the chains to craft a full set or iron armour and still have like 4 ingots left over from the nuggets in the chain

  • Thatboredblox

    Core is basically roblox but its not blocky

  • Ryan Caling
    Ryan Caling

    3:54 Some people might understand this but for those who don't Its a reference to a comic about an abortion and people were laughing at it for some reason so the comic got so iconic, the image is a very simplified version of the comic and yet people still got it for being so iconic Side note : the creator was so concerned about people laughing at it

  • Andrew Krzyzaniak
    Andrew Krzyzaniak

    How do you do #2

  • MerethValera

    I took psychic damage from that one art

  • Elytra 19
    Elytra 19


  • Garcia Jacobo
    Garcia Jacobo

    I hear acnh theme

  • Jojo_playz Nguyen
    Jojo_playz Nguyen

    Sir I subscribed

  • Htoo Naung
    Htoo Naung

    Who else is never gonna do map art but is watching this still

  • AquaWater

    Don't over torch in your build Me: *Laughs in Bedrock with 100 percent brightness*

  • Sam Hollis
    Sam Hollis

    Alternet nicer title how to win PVP

  • Fred Fiore
    Fred Fiore

    Into the relaxing world......

  • Lawson Flims
    Lawson Flims

    core sounds like offbrand roblox

  • Jared Rodney
    Jared Rodney

    Yes more people are being sponsored by Core thank god

  • trista

    At 5:19 it looks like Michigan is in the top left corner of the giant map

  • 파란목도리


  • Maria Catherine Mendoza
    Maria Catherine Mendoza

    cursed thing skeleton use sword is real