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  • Robert Edens
    Robert Edens

    An ender chest full of shulkers...

  • Epic mouse
    Epic mouse

    A wooden shovel with sharpness 6969 is better 😤😤😤😳😳😳

  • Mariochu Maker
    Mariochu Maker

    What are invisible item frames and are they in bedrock

  • Noah Ezer
    Noah Ezer

    I think the reason why gilded blackstone is the rarest block in the nether is because it only spawns around and in any kind of bastion remnant, am I right ?

  • TheWild Creator
    TheWild Creator

    8:23 skeleton on the left: F### this s### im out

  • Chw y
    Chw y

    8:52 sandstorms

  • Elena Penter
    Elena Penter

    What about 1.17

  • pixel

    | | \ | | | __

  • Vahan Keshishkeryan
    Vahan Keshishkeryan

    Steve is bedrock edition is fine about his clothes because of the huge variety of clothes

  • srijit bose
    srijit bose


  • YoteyYotey

    5:46 Ioss

  • BruhCatto

    made the working clock right dings every 5 seconds almost XD

  • the dino tamer cuzn
    the dino tamer cuzn


  • Creeperjo7

    Blevin build tutorial vid? Pls. I need an army, I will supply them with hats and potato guns

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Anyone know the mario galaxy song at the beginning?

  • athena myrr
    athena myrr

    5:47 IS THIS LOSS

  • SonifyBruh

    Thanks now I can beat Minecraft faster

  • Catters Cat
    Catters Cat

    i hate buildcraft

  • Jenna Diamonds
    Jenna Diamonds

    How do u make invisible item frames

  • Oof Boi
    Oof Boi

    What about crossbows with fireworks?

  • slogoman fan rpg
    slogoman fan rpg

    How to dupe creative mod item frame

  • ChipperBoi64

    4:17 haha nice Pokémon reference lol Also what does anyone think of my logo

  • Catherine Drapeau
    Catherine Drapeau

    Hey the SVsoft ninja told me only hank is subscribed I think you know where I am going with this

  • Nicholas Lively
    Nicholas Lively

    The world hes using is Actually GeminiTay's 1.16 lets play world. if u do not know who GeminiTay is, most know her as the newest member to hermitcraft.

  • toothless and hiccup
    toothless and hiccup

    Do u know about the mithical red wolf

  • Gamer’s Gamestorm
    Gamer’s Gamestorm

    Cool Edit:Dang, pocket edition makes a lot of the block crossing ones not work

  • Carlos Velazquez
    Carlos Velazquez

    Him: talking about 0.786452746362 people have subbed Me: you have 2 million subscribers

  • Bianka Bull
    Bianka Bull

    Idk if anyone said this cause I’m too lazy to look through a bunch of comments did anyone catch the Hamilton reference at 4:23 ish???


    Fun fact three years ago I found floating stairs in survival it was spruce

  • Riolu Power
    Riolu Power

    Im can Hear the Bicycle theme of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

  • Caden Bolt
    Caden Bolt

    I get card swipe first try every time wdym

  • Swagster 1000
    Swagster 1000

    I bet if uranium returns, the devs will give curie a team of six overpowered nuclear legendaries and overall powerful mons and in general have the games difficulty rise to the kaizo tier that many Pokémon rom hacks do.

  • Venus Lam
    Venus Lam

    How come I don't have white shields or invisible item frames?

  • OlySamRock

    12:28 among us

  • S. D.
    S. D.

    ? By ? How mutch do i do?

  • Buddy Singh
    Buddy Singh

    Even if I am in a minecraft single person world I still make a secret base

  • evilskeleto

    The fact that this is his 3rd most viewed video says a lot about mc at times ):

  • Corgo the 3rd
    Corgo the 3rd

    6:42 AMONGUS

  • Mayor Cactus
    Mayor Cactus

    Bro just hold r key

  • Boi i
    Boi i

    Video starts at 0:26 to skip the dumb subscribing prompt

  • Shawn Mks
    Shawn Mks

    Me:sees that he added gaminiTays video

  • among us
    among us

    i used to use a sharpness book enchanted with kncoback and fire aspect but it doesnt work anymore

  • Master Pro Emerald
    Master Pro Emerald

    3:31 its my favorite i can use the trick to xray in server

  • TheTalk Gaming,Talking and Crafting
    TheTalk Gaming,Talking and Crafting

    Next you should say, Hey the SVsoft Villager said that he bets you can’t subscribe before he enters his house

  • john adamson diez
    john adamson diez

    I wonder if they also work in bedrock edition.

  • Eliza De CoOkIe
    Eliza De CoOkIe

    using a golden pickaxe you cant mine gold just so you guys know

  • Daito Ray
    Daito Ray

    For the last one, you should combine it with the creeper to make it worse.

  • Wolfmann2758

    When your name is Mason :((

  • Jacqui D
    Jacqui D

    Report and new colours are already here so Innersloth did some of them

    • Jacqui D
      Jacqui D

      Also there are 15 player lobbies

  • King_Randyy

    no way i subed with my eyes closed

  • JayDFlay4809

    Who else keeps their sanity by listening to his voice?

  • squiddyboy _diego
    squiddyboy _diego

    Pro tip hold the R button to quickly reset a run :)

  • Rene Taylor
    Rene Taylor

    When face reveal

  • Pig

    I had to unsubscribe to sub with my nose

  • EnderFive GaminK
    EnderFive GaminK

    H-h-h-h-he didn't say "alright" in the outro 😱😱😱

  • Nenko


  • Someone you Know
    Someone you Know

    6:33 just go in creative

  • amelia violet
    amelia violet

    14:18 that’s geminitays world :o

  • yandanju

    I swear this man is using GeminiTays survival world for everything.

  • Retro Penguin
    Retro Penguin

    /gamerule mobspawning false

  • Adrian Camacho
    Adrian Camacho

    There was a few ones I didn't know, amazing. New subscriber here!!!

  • Sulaiman Rahman
    Sulaiman Rahman

    Red sus

  • Sulaiman Rahman
    Sulaiman Rahman

    I vote red

  • KarenTheKiller

    Where's The Manager

  • No-Guy

    8:24 he's in the backrooms now

  • Shauna Purcell
    Shauna Purcell

    0:12 0:11 Is that Gemintay's let's play world!?!? He does use her world a lot in this video but these are just a few examples.

  • I love minecraft
    I love minecraft

    Me: watches these videos Also me: still bad at building

    • I love minecraft
      I love minecraft

      My brother doesn't even care about his HOUSES LIKE COME ON

  • Nicolás Damiano
    Nicolás Damiano

    Tricky: HAAAAAAANK!!!!

  • laurin johnson
    laurin johnson

    can someone count how many times he said "Minecraft"

  • EggDoge

    Just get a ender chest 😐🙂

  • Theresa Hayes
    Theresa Hayes


  • ivri bern
    ivri bern

    4:02 when skip is sus

  • S•L•E•E•P•Y B•E•A•N
    S•L•E•E•P•Y B•E•A•N

    close to 4 months, and so close to 3 MILLION! Great job!

  • AppleFoxCreates

    ..I wish all of these worked on bedrock,seriously when are item frames going to count as entities and be able to be placed on the same block as buttons,levers,corals,and on corners with other item frames ;-;

    • AppleFoxCreates

      oh yeah,and we need custom banners and the debug stick

  • Litt

    Isn’t baritone a building hack?

  • 𝕄𝕪𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕔 ℙ𝕝𝕒𝕫
    𝕄𝕪𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕔 ℙ𝕝𝕒𝕫