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  • Daniel Cappelle
    Daniel Cappelle


  • GO Gaming Only
    GO Gaming Only

    among us is dead af

  • ash greninja
    ash greninja

    I love the "infinity and beyond"

  • Gaming with Xander12
    Gaming with Xander12


  • Gangster Bailey ROBLOX and more
    Gangster Bailey ROBLOX and more

    Hey I live in a reabin

  • Dragon the slayer
    Dragon the slayer

    Ummmm I was on 1.16 since bedrock edition but it wasnt when it wasn't thunder and lightning, there wasnt even a skeleton behind me and weird sounding lightning striked and me and my friend got two skeleton horses so I guess that good

  • Buzurk2

    1:30 piglins exist they have trades for obsidian if ur friend has no gear with them theyre doomed

  • Silviq Danailova
    Silviq Danailova

    Do you know that i love my only and

  • Ben Dantes Aquino
    Ben Dantes Aquino

    Sub's World

  • ColinKaro

    all good advice!~ only thing i have to say on it, is with a little bit of luck (and honestly i tend to get more then one anyway) Glistening Melons are basically Free from a Farmer Villager~

  • The PrinterDude
    The PrinterDude

    Wait... So the boat on ice was not supposed to be there xD

  • official music bucks
    official music bucks

    I actually found 10 zombie villages in my world so lucky

  • dimitrije milic
    dimitrije milic

    Wait villager on 7:8 had emerald and fish for fish why

  • Soda Gaming
    Soda Gaming

    Oh no he's switching identities

  • Mortomi Cinnamonbun
    Mortomi Cinnamonbun

    “Only saving so much on string that the infinity bow saves on arrows” You’re thinking strictly materials, I’m thinking I don’t have a mob farm and infinite levels.

  • Anish Gaming
    Anish Gaming

    I am lefty so it is easy to sub with left ring finger

  • smek

    oh so no one has subbed upside down? well. im an australian

  • z

    as an og mincraft player im embarrassed of not knowing some of these

  • Bas Holland
    Bas Holland

    Lol the Pokémon music in the background.

  • Luca Wadmore
    Luca Wadmore

    I never thought i'd see tommyinnit and skipthetutorial in the same video

  • Wrench

    The fish farm, you could put a villager in front of them to stop production

  • Dominador Felix
    Dominador Felix

    Red is looking sus

  • Sleepy Boi
    Sleepy Boi

    i dont want the dog to change

  • 迷途小喵

    3:54 LOSS

  • Costly Studios
    Costly Studios

    What's the seed it looks cool

  • declan devine
    declan devine

    if u jump while running up stairs u go slightly faster

  • Duke Duke
    Duke Duke

    Strange that I talked to a mexican back then who was 18 years old, we were having a great time discussing things after we agreed that the library was nothing serious.

  • Easytops

    I'm not trying to put hate on the video but I just use a ender chest

  • Mathew Boro
    Mathew Boro

    Yeh wolf design

  • Fishylax15

    “And my personal favourite, Tower Of Terror” *Roblox would like to know your location*

  • Duke Duke
    Duke Duke

    It contains only left wing information let alone the struggle to get on the server. It is exactly the same as the media/TV. Nice Optics but not much real information. I would think or I thought that I can read stuff that is a real Problem like Corruption of politiians etc. All I saw was that the press freedom index went down 2 Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while a right wing party was in the coalition ruling the country back then. I am seriously? That is all you got? Is it pretty sad to see children getting influenced by the far left. It is not ok in my opinion and you either show both sides of the coin or none. Pointing out that all the Evil of the world comes out of "the Right" is wrong and very naive. That is one of many reasons why people do not trust the so called "mainstream media" or the reporters without borders. 12 year olds reading about how bad right wing parties/politcian are is totally wrong in my opinion. Get another job you reporters people and do not mix Productplacement with Left ideas. I an clearly see students stumble out of university, having no idea about anything but a degree and then write about things like they know about it. All you "reporters" play the copy paste game without your own research. Investigating nothing in reality. It is sad.

  • Flare#6432

    isnt the nether basically the opposite of heaven but in minecraft?

  • What if deku Videos
    What if deku Videos


  • MateG2k10

    Bedrock can be broken in 1.17 by those small dripleaves



  • Vid Shorts
    Vid Shorts

    Me : sees the video Me 5 seconds later : EVERYONE KNOW THE FASTEST WAY IS THE TP COMMAND

  • Tricky the Clown
    Tricky the Clown

    That all lame I kill people

  • CinavarFan123


  • The Phillippi
    The Phillippi

    13. He said that bedrock is better than java and he hopes that java is nicer in the future. You wot? Idiot.'s not like java gets all new updates first. Java players got the cave update months ago, and I'm still waiting for it on bedrock. Bedrock and java and console and switch are equal.

  • Vid Shorts
    Vid Shorts

    When you unsubscribe just to subscribe with your left ring finger.

  • Frederik

    I like your videos and one of things thats made me like them was the originality in the subscribe stuff that doesnt even made me mad in your videoos :)

  • Triggered Nishant
    Triggered Nishant

    Me every time you say subscribe i unsubscibe and then agin subscribe

  • Fly4er

    What's with that lines in 3:54

  • Dragos Iosef
    Dragos Iosef


  • Bosley

    2:54 there is an optical illusion on the map where the farm water is, this mostly works on people that use glasses. It’s called chromostereopsis and makes it look 3D.

  • Pigismal

    I've seen this mod I prefer having other dimensions like one dedicated to dragons in my mods or like the abyss

  • Tomika

    I made a base inside and ocean monument but only on creative

  • Natsu Engeki Draws
    Natsu Engeki Draws

    I think for the dog skin one,they should keep the original as one of the skins,so that you can have different types of dogs,but also have the original.

  • Beyond Dev
    Beyond Dev

    Honestly when I made my first Minecraft house it was good but the next day I build a dirt house XD

  • Heather Porter
    Heather Porter

    i want 2 use it

  • Aye Phone
    Aye Phone

    Stop asking for subscribers

  • krishna baria
    krishna baria

    Fastest way to go to the sky: *creative mode*

  • bigdick motherfucker
    bigdick motherfucker

    how have i all ready done almost all of these

  • Takumi Doï
    Takumi Doï

    The thumbnail look like badboyhalo

  • Marry Random cow
    Marry Random cow

    Wait wait. Your telling me I Didn't have to get the chicken and tie it to a fence !

  • Shane Grenz
    Shane Grenz

    6:42 stucture void

  • Shane Grenz
    Shane Grenz

    6:50 huh

  • Shane Grenz
    Shane Grenz

    3:25 silverfish dance

  • Megan Stork
    Megan Stork

    Me watching that living in an jungle is rare realzing I have one

  • Kalana Gunawardhana
    Kalana Gunawardhana

    The legend named Wadzee has set the full netherite beacon. Check out his channle if you don't believe.

  • Ma Naomi Potot
    Ma Naomi Potot

    Him: don't go above level 30 Techno blade: wait what

  • Mr Random
    Mr Random

    From a coding perspective i can see why its kinda hard to code cauldrons filled with water would break a fall cause just by say the entire block would stop your fall itll allow the sides of the cauldron to also break your fall

  • Michel Genon
    Michel Genon

    I have a ravine base

  • My Universe of Books
    My Universe of Books

    Actually, sea pickles can be pretty useful for dog houses and that sort of stuff, because they look a lot like dog toys!

  • Anya Warrior
    Anya Warrior

    the soundboard bit is killing me-

  • X X
    X X

    I thought you were loverfella tbh

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast


  • Rachel Ye
    Rachel Ye

    9:17 Me, a FNaF addict: sees picture Also me: BLACK PURPLE GUY DANCIN

  • SCP Foundation
    SCP Foundation

    Chakra Naruto stuff her bois

  • The king of Cobble stone
    The king of Cobble stone

    I represent the bedrock community and I'd like to say that we'd trade you pushing stuff you can't in bedrock for banners on shields

  • Birzavith Trochez
    Birzavith Trochez

    OMG I did the challeng

  • Meme

    Just waiting for him to go back to challenge videos I miss those

  • Jordans henry
    Jordans henry


  • Charlotte

    I have another staircase, the campfire and slab staircase

  • Rapid Unplanned Staging
    Rapid Unplanned Staging

    it's soooooo close, let's hit it this week proceeds to show 70k away me who has literally 3 subs: well for me that's a painfully long week

  • Dhayjanire Louisanneau
    Dhayjanire Louisanneau

    wadzee made a full beacon

  • Pugzy SoNerdy
    Pugzy SoNerdy

    mojang better pick up on this

  • Stas Prihod'co
    Stas Prihod'co

    On iPad it’s impossible to subscribe upside down it will flipp

  • Loves Puppies
    Loves Puppies

    If you go through the effort of making a mob farm, you'll have more gold than you'll ever need. Don't worry about melting down the tools and armor, it'll just burn away your coal resources. Sort out the enchanted items and disenchant them for the XP. If you have a mending item in hand it's a great way to repair.